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How to Celebrate National Splurge Day Without Blowing Your Budget

How to Celebrate National Splurge Day Without Blowing Your Budget
Alison Storm

For some (Paris Hilton, or the US government, perhaps?) every day may feel like National Splurge Day. But it's actually only celebrated once a year on June 18. National Splurge Day can be a tricky holiday for anyone trying to live frugally. But of course, savvy shoppers know splurging can be done on a budget. So here are some ideas for celebrating this quirky holiday without racking up unwanted debt.

When Did National Splurge Day Become a Holiday?

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The origins of National Splurge Day are shrouded in a bit of mystery. Some may say it has all the signs of being started by a company that stands to benefit from a holiday all about spending-- Rolex, Mercedes or Ruth's Chris Steakhouse could all be contenders.  While the website Holiday Insights claims the origins are unknown, some fingers point to Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, a Chicago-area "eventologist" who is believed to have started the holiday back in 1994. Love the idea or hate it, there are ways to splurge on a budget.

Don't Equate Budget with Diet

You've heard it over and over-- diets don't work. That's because people see diets as a weight loss straightjacket that rips their food freedom from their chubby little hands. Budgets can be the same way. Instead of seeing it as something that is plucking you from celebrating the fun of National Splurge Day, try to approach indulging with more creativity.

Instead of This Try That

Think about what you consider to be splurge-worthy. Is it a great new outfit? Front row seats at a concert? A massage at a luxurious spa? Take that dream desire and scale it back a bit. Instead of booking a 90 minute massage, try a 30 minute foot rub which is roughly 60 percent cheaper. Rather than buying an entirely new outfit, focus on a great new top or accessory. Give up the front row at the concert for something more towards the back. In all of these cases you're not depriving yourself of the indulgence, you're just making a more positive choice for your finances.

Set Aside Splurge Cash

If you have a tendency to make impulse purchases (and most of us probably do) then it's important to prepare for these moments of weakness. If you make extra money doing an odd job, selling something on Craigslist or picking up an overtime shift consider setting it aside just so you can spend it on something frivolous on National Splurge Day. Keep in mind that splurging on something doesn't have to be spontaneous. It can be a well thought-out event. This way opening up your wallet for something that's not exactly necessary won't threaten to throw off your budget.

Splurge with Time

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Splurging doesn't have to be about material possessions at all. It could involve another hot commodity in life-- your time. Another way to approach National Splurge Day without blowing your budget is by allowing yourself to loosen the reins on your schedule. Give yourself freedom to do whatever you want for the day-- or even just an hour. That could mean reading a trashy novel, taking a long bubble bath or catching up on your Netflix queue. And while giving yourself the leeway to spend your time doing something that has no benefits other than your enjoyment may seem like a splurge, at least you won't be paying it off on your credit cards for months to come. So what do you think-- how will you enjoy National Splurge Day while still sticking to your budget?

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