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Meet Ulta: Your One Stop Beauty Shop

Meet Ulta: Your One Stop Beauty Shop
Lisa Ann Jersey

Allow me to introduce you to Ulta, my favorite find-everything, high-and-low, and save-some-money beauty shop. If you've already met, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, you'll soon find out as I further acquaint you. Here's a little bit of info about everything you need to know to start loving, shopping and saving at Ulta, both in stores and online.

As an avid Ulta shopper, I must insist you try both the online and in-store shopping experiences they offer. In fact, it's probably best to poke around online before visiting a store so you know and will more easily recognize the types of products and services they have. Plus, it's a good place to quickly educate yourself on their latest offers and promotions!

Inside an Ulta Store You'll Find Everything You Need Ulta-Benefit-Brow-Bar

Ulta features a unique combination of over 20,000 prestige and mass beauty products, making it one place where you can shop for both high-end labels like Benefit, Philosophy, or Urban Decay, and budget-friendly mass-produced brands like Maybelline, Neutrogena and Revlon.

Aside from the aisles upon aisles of beauty products, you'll also find a few make-up counters with beauty professionals to assist you, as well a salon and, in most stores, a Benefit Brow Bar for eyebrow waxing. Minus a nail salon, they truly are a one stop shopping and beauty destination.

5 Reasons Why Ulta Is Better than Those other Beauty Shops

There is no need to nay-say "those other" beauty stores and boutiques; they solely carry brand-specific, high-end product lines that, all-in-all, are quite fabulous. I will, however, give you five reasons why I think you'll enjoy shopping at Ulta more.

  1. Ulta's product line and services are not as narrow as other beauty stores which can more easily appeal to a wider, more diverse market.
  2. Budget beauty shoppers can dabble in a mix of high and low end products, all in one place.
  3. Big name brands and counters are less intimidating and more available to the price conscious beauty shopper since they sit among more familiar, less glamorized brands.
  4. There is absolutely no pressure from commission stressed employees to purchase or try products on.
  5. The salon professionals are down to earth, highly trained and knowledgeable. Their services are also reasonably priced.
  6. Did I say five reasons? Well here's a bonus! Ulta has an incredible rewards program, and they offer and coupons—something most other beauty stores frown on, charge for, or simply don't offer. Ulta-Salon

How to Shop Smart at Ulta

Step one, sign up for an Ulta Rewards card before you make your first purchase. The program is completely free and allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend. You can even use your rewards card when you shop online! Having a rewards membership allows you to more frequently receive valuable coupons, and it'll earn you rewards certificates good for select rewards products or salon services.

Step two, if you don't have a coupon readily available, visit our Ulta Coupons page on Ultimate Coupons!

Step three, be sure to frequent the Ulta Facebook and Twitter pages so you're up to date on their latest offers and in store promotions and events. Current promotions include Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty, where each day there's a new product goes on sale, there's an in store event, there's a free gift promotion, or all three take place!

The last step is to have fun and don't be afraid to ask an associate for help—these ones truly don't bite and will only add to your shopping experience (Shout out to Stephanie at my local Ulta, who has not only made brows beautiful for the last year, but who always keeps me up to date on the latest and greatest Benefit products—you can seriously ask that girl anything and she'll get you an answer)!

Have an Ulta associate who's been good to you and deserves a special shout out? Share it below in the comments!


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