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How to Get a Gig as a Brand Ambassador

How to Get a Gig as a Brand Ambassador
Alison Storm

Love a product so much you find yourself talking about it at dinner parties or writing home to mom about it? If you've got passion for a product, have a great social network and enjoy sharing your thoughts with others you could be a great brand ambassador. Big name companies like Walmart, Sharpie and Remington find normal people to spread the word about their brand. Typically they look for people who bring their image, values and message to life. Sometimes these positions are paid, sometimes they're not, but after you hear about Lindsey Holder's experience as a Remington Style Ambassador you'll want to know where you can get a gig like hers.

The Responsibilities of a Brand AmbassadorRed Chair Ready

An ambassador's job is to be the face of a brand, but instead of that face being a high profile, out of touch model or actor, it's a real person that can relate to real consumers. Lindsey Holder joined the Remington team as a National Style Ambassador earlier this year. She went through an application and interview process and ended up being one of just a few women selected for the final team.

"I have the coolest job ever!" says Lindsey of her Remington gig. "Remington gives me the freedom to do whatever I desire, within reason of course! It is up to me to research and find the latest beauty and style trends for our online community. Having that freedom allows me to think outside the box and use my creativity." She creates Youtube videos, writes blogs and makes appearances that help her to spread the word about Remington.

Plenty of Perks for Brand Ambassadors

Lindsey takes her title as a National Style Ambassador seriously, but in a fun way. She's used it to score an all access pass backstage onto the set of one of her favorite shows. "I wanted to share with the Remington community on how to get 'Vampire Diaries' inspired hair," she says. "A lot of research and approvals later I was on the set interviewing the hair department head of the show! I was able to go behind the scenes as well that day and meet some of the cast. Not bad in a day's work!" Other perks for Lindsey include free products, a free iPad and free trips to events or places that compliment the brand's message. She's visited New York, Miami and LA within the past several months.

Introverts and Slackers Need Not ApplyLindsey

The main purpose of a brand ambassador is to spread the word about a brand. This can be done through various social media outlets, blog writing or TV appearances. But none of it can be done if you're not a good communicator.

"Hard work and dedication are essential characteristics an ambassador must have," says Lindsey. "Passion for the brand and believing in the brand are also key factors." In other words, you can't fake a love for the product if you want to be a great brand ambassador.

Research Brands You Love

Think about brands you love and visit their websites. Find out if they have brand ambassador programs. "Look for brands you use in your daily life and approach the company," suggests Lindsey. "Companies are thrilled to hear from those who believe in their products and company."

Need some ideas? Every year Walmart hunts down a new crew of mom bloggers to join their Walmart Moms crew. These women get to travel to conferences, review products and share their thoughts. There's also the Sharpie Squad, a quite diverse group of 20 people from all over the country who receive fun opportunities and get to be featured in Sharpie's nationwide ad campaign.

Typically the search for brand ambassadors is done each year and can require a somewhat lengthy application process or even voting through social media. But if you land one of the top spots prepare yourself for lots of perks and plenty of fun.

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