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Calling all Knitters! Save the Penguins!

Calling all Knitters! Save the Penguins!
Rachel Humphrey

Our Ultimate Coupons mascot, Savvy the Penguin, asked us to post an article about a current event that is very close to his heart. If you own Happy Feet and March of the Penguins, and both make you choke up, laugh, and smile all at the same time, you might want to check this out. A recent oil spill off the coast of New Zealand has left tons of adorable penguins covered in crude oil. If they preen themselves and ingest the oil, they could get sick and die, but volunteers can't clean them fast enough. Luckily, a yarn store called Skeinz has the solution: Sweaters for penguins!

Not only is it cute, but it's also helpful. The sweaters cover the penguins and prevent them from preening until they can be scrubbed clean. Sweaters have started coming in from all over the world, but you can help too! The sweaters are so small that they can be made from scrap yarn you already have lying around, and any color will work. Penguins are black and white, so they look good in every color, right? Aside from the obvious karma points you'll get, this is also a great chance to practice new knitting skills without comitting to a larger piece. Try cables, intarsia, or fancy ribbing patterns and see how it comes out. You know you want to, especially after you check out this cute penguin in a tuxedo sweater...

Help Savvy's brethren get healthy! To get the pattern for the penguin sweaters, go here, and then get knitting. If you already have, tell us about it.

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  1. Shyvana

    This is a really cute way to help the penguins!
    I hope they are all safely cleaned and do just fine =]

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