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What's New for Fall at Crate & Barrel

What's New for Fall at Crate & Barrel
Michelle Moross

Are you ready to switch out your sunny, summer decor for something a little more in tune with the changing weather? Sure, it may still be hot where you are, but as the temperature cools and we shift towards moving back indoors, you should make sure your home matches the mood of the season. Crate and Barrel is in tune with what your home needs for autumn: earth tones, cozy textures, and furniture that's warm and welcoming for friends and family. Check out a few of these highlights from their fall catalog.

Kitchen and Dining

An easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your kitchen for a new season is to buy new dishtowels. The Brooklyn Dishtowels are just under $4 and feature multicolored stripes in autumn colors such as yellows and reds.

If you're looking to make a bit more of an investment on new cookware, consider copper pots and pans. The copper tones will warm up the room significantly more than stainless steel and will last you a long time. You can pick up individual pieces of the copper Mauviel cookware for as low as $99.95.

Fall means Thanksgiving, and if you're hosting your friends and family this year, make sure your dining area is up to snuff. The 104 inch Basque Honey Dining Table ($999) has plenty of room for the whole family, and the bench seating option is an extra cozy way to enjoy a meal together. If you don't need so much elbow room, the Basque Honey style also comes in an 82 inch version ($799) and a 48 inch square version ($299).


Brand new bedding isn't always budget friendly, but if your nightly resting place is in dire need of a makeover, consider spicing up your existing comforter with new accent pillows. There are so many different options for throw pillows to match any room in the house. If you have colorful bedding, you may want to pick something more subtle like this Marimekko Pienet Kivet Pillow ($77). If a pop of color is just want you need, try this Chea Pillow ($49.95), it's got great colors without being too bright for fall.

Living Room

Crate and Barrel's fall catalog is full of pretty, autumn colors, but mustard is especially prevalent. If it's a color you love, consider upgrading your couch to the Silhouette Sofa in corn for $899. It will look warm and inviting for fall with deep orange, brown and red accent pillows and throws, but don't think it'll look out of place once the seasons change again. For winter, burgundy accents will make it festive for the holidays, but you can dress up the look even more by adding some black and white details. A soft, cornflower blue throw will soften it up for spring, and bright jewel tone pillows will make it cheery again for summer.

Anywhere Accents

Want an easy update for your current candles? Check out the Hakkari Hurricane Candleholder ($24.95). Not only does the leaf motif help you get into the mood for fall, the cut out details will look a little spooky when lit up for Halloween.

Don't forget to check out our Crate and Barrel coupons before you shop! What are your favorite pieces from the fall catalog? And what do you plan on changing in your home for the season?

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