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Don’t Miss out on Missoni for Target!

Don’t Miss out on Missoni for Target!
Rachel Humphrey

Yesterday, September 13th, was the debut date of Missoni for Target, a line of affordable fashions designed by the Italian design house Missoni. If you thought you could just stroll into your local Target at some point during the day and grab a few fabulous iconically zig-zagged items at your leisure, you were probably dead wrong. I was at my local Target at 7:30am, and there was already a line. When the doors opened at 8am, it was a feeding frenzy. The women who ambled in at 9:30 were pretty much out of luck. Those women who thought they could shop online in the comfort of their own homes were also out of luck: The Target site was crashed almost all day from the influx of shoppers wanting to get at the colorful array of clothing, bedding, kitchen wares, children’s clothing, and other items offered by the line. If you still want to get in the on the Missoni for Target fun, you can, but it might take some work. First, let’s hear about that first day, and then we’ll find some ways to get your hot little hands on what you want: Designer fashions for less!

You Zig Left, I'll Zag Right

I called my Mom on September 12th and I said, “Mom, I’m picking you up early tomorrow. We’re going to Target.” My Mom is a great shopping partner in crime, because she’s just as ruthless as I am. We would never hurt anyone, but we’re very tall so we can just reach over people or stick our long arms through hordes of smaller women to grab things off of racks. I knew I needed to have her with me. I’m not sure she agreed with me that we needed to be there so early, but she agreed to my plan. We had both been poring over photos of items from the line for weeks, and we knew what we wanted. Our plan when we got in? She goes left, I go right, and we just grab everything in our sizes and decide what to actually buy later.

Public Nudity and Scavenging for Cast-Offs

After the initial chaos, we had a cart full of chevron-striped clothing in black and white, purple and green, shades of blue, brown, and gold. We were both panting and a little sweaty. Seeing the long line for the fitting rooms, we headed over to a mirror in the lingerie section and tried on clothes. Other women joined us, and we all took turns in front of the mirror. We designated a rack as our cast-offs rack, and as soon as someone placed something on the rack, someone else would snatch it. It was a fun fashion party, for sure. I decided on a sweater coat (my favorite item from the line, pictured at right!), a tunic, a cardigan, a long black skirt, and a pair of sky high suede heels. My mother decided on two long cardigans (she wasn’t feeling quite as spendy as I was) and then we headed upstairs, where we scored some children's clothing and I got a kitchen tray that a woman just handed to my mother, saying she didn’t want it. There were many opportunities to snag cast-offs in this manner, and many of the latecomers took full advantage.

The Disappearing Displays

As items completely disappeared from various end caps, employees took down the special advertising displays and set up regular store merchandise. It was as though Missoni for Target had never even been there in some places. The entire men's display gave way to a collection of printed t-shirts, and all but one rack in the women's clothing section was absorbed back into the expected Target parade of leggings, tees, and dresses. The employees were fielding many questions about whether or not there would be more merchandise and when, and the answer was always a vaguely exasperated, “We don’t know.”

You Can Still Get Yours

So, if your local Target is like mine, you may have already missed the chance to get the Missoni items you really want in person at the store between now and October 22nd, which is the official end of the event. Luckily, aside from camping out in Target all month waiting for new merchandise to be available, there are other ways to score yourself some high fashion for a low price:

Order online: The Target site was crashed all day on the opening day of the line, and even shoppers who got in were complaining that the site was functioning poorly, but it’s supposed to be up and running again. Many items are out of stock right now, as I’m checking and typing this article, but that may change, and there are still some great items available, such as sweaters, hair accessories, swimwear, some shoes, and men’s clothing.

Order by phone: If the website is being mean to you, just order by phone! The toll free number for Target is 800-440-0680.

eBay: I saw plenty of women who were obviously buying stuff to sell later. Who needs five of the same sweater? This was aggravating, but it means eBay is a rich source for you to mine for items from the line. As of the moment I am typing this, there are exactly 24,998 items from the Missoni for Target line available, so start bidding!

Friends: Do you have any friends who over-shopped on the first day? I spent almost $400, and I saw women whose carts were much fuller than mine. Let them know that they should tell you before they return anything, and tell them you’ll give them cold hard cash for their culled items. Or… you could borrow the items from your friend and then skip town forever. Not from me, though. Mine are MINE!

Did you go to opening day? Did you order online? Tell us about your Missoni for Target haul!


  1. Debra

    I read this article yesterday and thought it was silly and that the author must live somewhere where everyone cares way too much about fashion. I was so wrong! I live in a relatively fashion-less small town and my Target is totally cleaned out of all Missoni products except a few little girl things. It was depressing. Hopefully I can get the cardigan I wanted on eBay or the Target site at some point.

  2. Ashley

    I was there on the first day at 8am, but my Target didn't have all the things I wanted. I put "Don't want your Missoni stuff? Sell it to me!" as my facebook status and some of my friends saw it and are going to sell me somethings they didn't want! So exciting! I really recommend getting the word out there through email or social networking that you're willing to buy the things people are planning to take back.

  3. Linda Green

    Thanks for the eBay tip! I got a tunic dress and some gorgeous luggage. So much easier than stalking Target (mine is completely cleaned out) or trying to use the site. I'm willing to pay a little extra for the convenience.

  4. Kim

    eBay is currently WAY overpriced, so I wouldn't advise shopping there. I live in a mid-sized Minnesota town. Our store (believe it or not!) still has stock left. We hardly live in a fashion mecca. If you know of smaller, more out-of-the-way Target stores in rural areas, hit them up! Also, I think if you wait it out, you'll see Target re-stock their merchandise.

  5. emily

    I did not even attempt to go to Target (the store or the website) yesterday. I'm just going to live vicariously through Rachel.

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