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The American Vacation - Infographic

The American Vacation - Infographic
Mike Flacy
  • On August 1, 2011

With another summer winding down, did you end up taking a vacation this year?  Perhaps are you heading out for a relaxing getaway this month? We wanted to celebrate the summer vacation and Shark Week with another awesome infographic about the American vacation. Ever wanted to know the beaches to avoid due to a high percentage of shark attacks? Are you curious how many people check and update Facebook while on vacation? How do women and men relax while on vacation? If you had to guess, how many Americans take their work with them to continue working a remote sandy beach? Check out the Infographic below to find out!

(Click below for the full-sized image.)

(Click above for the full-sized image.)

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  1. sara

    It's "ADULTS" not "ADULT'S". "Adults" is a plural, where "adult's" is a singular possessive.

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