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Revitalize Your Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Fall

Revitalize Your Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Fall

As summer is coming to a close, I bet you're already thinking about the new fall trends you can't wait to start shopping for. But wait, you don't need to start saving money for an entirely different fall wardrobe; the good news is that ladies can recycle these hot summer trends.

Love Your Maxi Dress? So Do We

Who doesn't have a maxi dress? This summer season, they came in an array of styles, prints and colors. If we look in our closets right now, we can probably find more than one maxi dress. What makes this dress so great is not only how comfortable it is, but the way we can just throw it on and run out the door. Maxis are great for wearing everywhere because we can easily dress them up with some heels or dress them down with flip flops. But here's another great reason why you will continue to love maxi dresses: they can be used this fall season. Pair your beloved maxi with a sweater or fitted jacket and add some height by wearing boots, wedges, or heels. Add some flair to your everyday maxi dress by accessorizing with a scarf and a belt to highlight your figure.


Stay Flirty with Skirts

Skirts this summer season came in so many designs. Wearing skirts associate us with our feminine side, so stocking up on them isn't a bad idea. Keep those shorter skirts on hand this fall season because you can easily pair them with tights, stockings or long socks. If you're more daring, dig into that closet of yours for some bright colored tights, or stockings and long socks with designs on them. This will definitely reveal your fun side and willingness to experiment. To create this look, find a button down blouse and a blazer so the print of the blouse can peek out from your sleeves.





White is the Color All Year Long

Who said white was only for summer? Who said fall only consisted of dark colors? This fall, keep your whites handy because this fresh look is staying on board the fashion train. Whites give a crisp, fresh look to any outfit and can be paired with anything. As an ode to fall, try wearing white with any other rich color so you don't look too washed out.

The hottest colors debuting this fall season include Bamboo (dark yellow), Deep Teal, Honeysuckle (rosy pink), Emberglow (salmon pink), Phlox (royal purple), Cedar (forest green), Coffee Liqueur (dark rusted brown), Nougat (light brown), Orchid Hush (light blue), and Quarry (teal). These very foreign sounding names are thanks to Pantone.




Get It Short-y

Summer is the ultimate season for shorts, not only because of the hot weather, but because showing off your great tan isn't a bad idea either. Keep your shorts handy this fall season because they can also be worn in chillier weather. Pair your shorts with tights, stockings, or long socks. Not only will you stay warm and comfortable this fall season, but you can still show off your great pair of legs. To try a classier look, stay away from the usual jean shorts you may have and find another type of short design somewhere in your closet. Ones with cuffs on the legs work best.



Tank Top the Competition

Summer was too hot to be weighed down by any type of sleeves, so it's no wonder we invested a lot in this summer staple. This past season, tank tops came in a variety of more embellished designs, making them a great transition from day to night. You can transition this article of clothing in fall by simply adding a cardigan or blazer over your tank. Not only can you disguise the fact that it's a tank top, but it's perfect for letting the design pop out and give your outfit some edge. To really make a statement, pair this look with some colored bottoms if you have them. This way you can definitely turn heads and celebrate the combination of the summer and fall seasons.


Get ready for the fall season by preparing these five staples in your wardrobe. Fall doesn't have to be about dark colors, liven up your closet like it's still summer and let it shine. Fashion should never have to be something we dread to showcase, so fall into fashion.


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