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Must Do Activities to Enjoy Before Summer Ends

Must Do Activities to Enjoy Before Summer Ends
Alison Storm

Since Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer, now is the time to squeeze the most out of this special season. Give yourself some sunny memories to help you keep yourself warm during the coming cold evenings. If you've got a few vacation days to use up, but aren't sure how to spend them you've come to the right place. Here are some great ideas for activities to do before summer ends.

Shop the Farmers Market

Popularity is growing for farmers markets. If you haven't made it to one yet this season, don't let the summer slip away before checking out summer's popular seasonal produce like melons, tomatoes, avocados, cherries, grapes, corn, and cucumbers. Use this map from to find out what's in season in your area. Michael Jarvis, a USDA spokesman told that there are 7,175 farmers markets around the country. “One of the things we’re trying to do is stress the importance of these markets,” Jarvis says. “We’re trying to promote that (growth) and make people realize that there are opportunities to buy local foods.” He told the website the number of registered farmers markets increased by about 17 percent last year.


Take It Outside

Soak up the last bit of summer by taking typical activities outside like working out, eating dinner, watching a movie or reading the morning newspaper. If you head to a restaurant and they ask you if you want to eat inside or out -- always choose patio dining! Enjoy the longer days while you can and top them off with a viewing of a summer sunset. Take advantage of the great weather by working out outside. A study from California Orthopedic and Sports Medicine found that on average those who worked out in the fresh air lost nearly eight pounds in eight weeks. They point to the changing inclines, declines and surroundings as the reason why more calories are typically burned. Get a free printable outdoor workout from Fitness Magazine.

Grab the family for some fresh air and exercise by taking a group bike ride. You'll surely make some memories when you head out to explore your community by bike. Just make sure you keep everyone safe. Get safety tips from including how to find the perfect-fitting helmet.

Whip Up Summer Staples

Popsicles, ice cream and lemonade are all summer favorites. And they're especially great when you take the time to make them from scratch. Believe it or not a fresh batch of lemonade will only take you a matter of minutes with an easy recipe like this one. Ice cream from the grocery store may taste great, but making it at home using an easy recipe like this one can be a family activity you'll all remember fondly-- long after the sweet treat has been gobbled up.


Fire Up the Grill

Now is the time to call your pals, grab some hot dogs and have an impromptu party around the grill. barbecuing is the easiest way to cook for a crowd and there's no better time to fire up the grill than during the summer. Plus, BBQ basics like hamburgers, chips and corn are very affordable making this a social event that won't mess with your budget.



Complete Exterior Home Repairs and Chores

It may not be quite as fun as biking or grilling, but now is definitely the time to take care of any longstanding exterior home repairs. You probably won't want to get up on the roof to replace those missing shingles once ice and snow arrives. And with leaves falling over the next few months you may want to clean out your gutters now so they don't get overstuffed. Think of outdoor chores like mowing and washing your car as another opportunity to soak up what's left of summer. That positive frame of thought may even make the work seem easier.


Choose Outdoor Entertainment

The window for outdoor concerts, events and baseball games is slowly closing. Whether it's a little league match up or the big leagues, now is a great time to enjoy America's favorite pastime. Attend an outdoor festival, concert, or drive-in movie. Since most heatwaves are behind us you can enjoy outdoor entertainment without all of the sweat.





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