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3 Ways to Help Kids in Need Get School Supplies

3 Ways to Help Kids in Need Get School Supplies
Alison Storm

Back to school time can be stressful for parents who can't afford to fulfill those long lists of supplies. According to the US Census Bureau, families spent $7.4 billion in clothing stores alone last August. Often the burden of keeping the classroom stocked with necessary supplies falls on teachers. According to research from the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), public school teachers spent more than $1.33 billion out-of-pocket on school supplies and instructional materials last school year. Thankfully there are plenty of programs designed to help the less fortunate go back to school prepared to learn. Not only does this help kids stock up for the school year, but it takes some of the burden off teachers.

Teachers Using Personal Resources on School Suppliesschool supplies

Nine out of ten teachers say they spends personal cash on classroom supplies. Research shows the average school teacher spends $356 of his/her own money on supplies and resources per year. That breaks down to $170 on school supplies and $186 on instructional materials such as software and games. While they are forking over a lot of their own cash on classroom needs, it's down from an average of $552 five years ago. "Teachers are feeling the pinch just like others affected by the downturn in the economy," Adrienne Watts Dayton, vice president of marketing and communications for NSSEA, told "While teachers continue to supplement the resources in the classroom, parents too are asked to contribute to the shortages in school budget."

Help a Teacher

Want to relieve the burden from a teacher in your community? Head to to find a teacher that needs help. Fulfill his/her wish list by donating supplies and tools that will ensure their classroom reaches its full potential this year. Since its launch in 2003, has facilitated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations to US classrooms. Your donations can be new or used materials. You can even give cash if that seems like a more convenient option.

Donate at Your Local Staples

Staples and have teamed up for the 4th annual Staples for Students School Supply Drive. Their goal is to collect supplies for the 13 million students they say head back to school without basic supplies. “It’s hard to imagine sending your kids back to school without proper supplies, but the reality is that countless students face this challenge every year, “said Christine Mallon, vice president of school suppliesretail marketing at Staples. “With help from our celebrities, Staples is ready to rally the public to get out and do something for kids who need our help the most this summer.” Staples customers can donate at any store, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting local students in need. Each Staples store is partnered with a local educational not-for-profit serving youth, and all donations of classroom supplies will be delivered to these partners in time for the new school year.

Shop During Sales Tax Holidays

Many states offer sales tax holidays to help parents reduce expenses on back-to-school shopping. Here's a list of states with upcoming sales tax holidays:

Connecticut: August 21-27.

Florida: August 12-14.

Maryland: August 14-20.

Texas: August 19-21.

Use this time to buy a few extra items for the less fortunate in your community. Contact a local children's shelter or after school program to find out the best way to get your donation into the backpack of a child that really needs it.

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  1. Barb @ Mom's Fridge

    Many supermarkets and banks also collect school supplies to be distributed to needy kids. Look for the donation boxes there and also at churches, synagogues and other houses of worship.

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