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Earn Airline Miles by Watching Movies? Crazy Ways to Fly Free

Alison Storm

Want to earn airline miles for your summer vacation without flying somewhere or buying something? It's possible-- and it can even be fun. There are no longer just a couple of ways to add miles to your frequent flyer accounts. We found 5 easy ways to earn frequent flyer miles for your next trip.

Earn Miles While Talking

There are lots of people who probably love the idea of getting rewarded for talking. If that's you you're in luck. Freelancer Jessica Robles found a way to earn miles through a service she's already using. "As a freelancer, I use to set up calls, and just recently, the website offered to convert the minutes into miles," she says. "So far, three major airlines participate."  The Loyalty Rewards Program lets customers start earning miles for Delta, American, and United. They'll get one airline mile for every dollar spent.

Watch 30-Second Ads

Normally no one pays you to watch ads, but with e-Miles you can get rewarded for sitting through commercials. View and respond to marketing messages relevant to you. In return you'll get airline miles for your program of choice. Some of the airlines partnering with e-Miles include AirTran, Alaska Airlines, Continental, Delta, Frontier and US Airways.

Watch Moviesnetflix

If you're not a Netflix customer but you're considering signing up, you may want to check out this offer. You can earn 2,500 reward miles for airlines like Delta when you sign up for Netflix. What's better than being rewarded for watching movies and TV shows?

Shop Smarter

If you do any online shopping you could be accruing miles while making purchases. For instance, enroll for free at the AAdvantage eShoppingSM mall and you'll earn up to ten airline miles for every dollar spent with over 500 brand name retailers. Participating websites include Apple, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Macy's and Staples.

Pay Your Electricity BillEnergy Plus

Independent energy supplier Energy Plus is giving its customers valuable rewards like cash-back and airline miles. Last year alone they rewarded customers with enough airline miles to travel around the world 13,000 times. Kristen Filippini does marketing for Energy Plus and says most states give consumers the right to choose their electricity supplier instead of simply going with the local utility company. "Customers still get the same reliable electricity delivery," says Filippini, "but they can also save money, get premium customer service and collect value-added benefits." So every time you turn on a light you can dream of where you'll travel once you've got enough airline miles for a free trip.

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