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Smart Savings: Good Deals for Good Grades

Smart Savings: Good Deals for Good Grades
Alison Storm

Summer has arrived for kids across the country. If your little one earned great grades this school year you're probably looking for ways to reward his/her hard work and dedication in the classroom. Turns out there are plenty of businesses, restaurants and retailers providing incentives for students who get good grades.

Pizza Hut

Any child earning three A's on their report card can also earn a free Personal Pan Pizza and small drink or milk from Pizza Hut. Just show the good grades to the manager. You must eat in the restaurant to get this deal and it's only offered to elementary and middle school students. Be sure not to overload your kids with calories though-- skip the soda and go for water instead.

Hansen Surfboards

For 50 years Hansen Surfboards has been outfitting beach-goers in their world-renowned surf shop in San Diego, California. The legendary retail outlet also has a Goods for Grades program which challenges students in 1st-12th grade to earn good marks on their report cards. In return they receive vouchers for cool merchandise. This rewards program is open to all kids-- not just those in California. So if you're planning a family trip to San Diego make sure the kids pack their report cards.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

According to WFFA-TV in Texas, Krispy Kreme stores reward good grades with a tasty treat. They'll hand out one free doughnut for every A with a maximum of six. Even if your kid has six A's, you should probably limit the number of doughnuts he/she has in one day to just one.

Family Video

Take your kids into your nearest Family Video location and they can get a free movie rental for each A on their report card. Ohio resident Dave Parsons recently took his two daughters, a fourth grader and a kindergartener, into their local Family Video store. They were each able to get five free rentals this month for their good grades. "My girls love being able to parlay their A's into free stuff," he says. "I see this as just another way to reinforce positive behavior and encourage our kids to do well in school."


Students from kindergarten to 12th grade can earn a free non new-release rental from Blockbuster when they have a B-average or better. Multiple children from the same family are eligible. Just bring in the successful report card(s) to score some free entertainment.

Chuck E. Cheesechuck e cheese grades

Through the Chuck E. Cheese Tokens for Grades program, your kids can earn up to 15 free tokens when they bring in their most recent report card. The deal is only good if you purchase food. But chances are your little one will enjoy this fun treat to honor their hard work.

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  1. Kurt

    I wish I knew about some of these free foods when I was still in middle school D:

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