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For Father's Day, Skip the Boring Tie and Plan an Adventure

For Father's Day, Skip the Boring Tie and Plan an Adventure
Barb Szyszkiewicz

While Daddy might wish to spend his entire Father’s Day napping in his hammock or watching sports on TV with a beer and pretzels near at hand, it’s a good bet that the kids have other plans.  Usually these plans involve pestering Dad to get out of his La-Z-Boy or hammock, or asking when the golf tournament will be over so they can switch the channel to SpongeBob Squarepants.  That is not a recipe for a happy Father’s Day—for anyone.

If your family’s in a Father’s Day rut (surf ‘n turf on the grill and yet another tie for Dad), why not get out of the house and do something different, making memories that will last a lifetime?

Does Dad have a need for speed?

Let the kids take him to a Go-Kart track! Have a family race, and see who’s the best driver.  Keep track of your race results and make this an annual tradition.  After the race, visit Dad’s favorite sports bar or diner for a casual meal.  Or let Dad live his dream:  a session at the Porsche Driving School and a chance to drive a true performance car.  There won’t be any complicated car seats or kids whining, “Are we there yet?” on that Sunday drive.

Take Pop out to the Ball Game

Minor-league baseball games are often more fun than the majors, thanks to dizzy-bat contests and mascot races between innings.  They’re also budget-friendly!  See if your local stadium is offering Father’s Day packages, and don’t forget to buy the whole family team t-shirts to wear to the game.

Drink a Toast to Dad!

Adults can accompany their Dads on a beer- or wine-tasting tour.  Reminisce about those Father’s Days gone by, when you wouldn’t let him spend the day napping on the couch.   Spend some time filling Dad in on your childhood escapades now that you’re old enough to escape being sent to your room without supper. (Just make sure there’s a designated driver.)

Would He Rather Be Fishing?

Pack a picnic for the whole family and take Dad fishing.  Since all that sitting around can make Dad (and the kids) hungry and thirsty, keep beverages ice cold in this clever personalized Sit & Sip Cooler.  (Use coupon code FINDGIFT to save $5!)  Hint to the kids:  bonding with Dad will go much more smoothly if everyone gets their drinks at once rather than each child waiting for Dad to sit back down on the cooler before asking for his juice box!

Is it Daddy’s First Father’s Day?

Then make it all about his new experience as a parent.  Plan an outing and take the baby along.  Let Dad carry the baby in a backpack or Snugli.  A walk in the park, a short hike on a trail, or even a stroll through the neighborhood will give Daddy a chance to show off his new bundle of joy!  After the walk, there’s nothing better than naps all around.

For the Techie Dad

How about a Segway tour?  Admit it—you’d love to ride on one of these!  Spend the first 30 minutes learning to drive the Segway, then tour the city of your choice on one of these guided tours.   Segway tours are perfect for dads who are into technology and who like to try new and different things.  This is not for families with small children, as Segways have a minimum weight requirement of 100 lbs.

A Little One-on-One

Encourage a special outing, just Daddy and his little girl.  If she’s working on her two-wheeler riding skills, Dad can take her—and their bikes-- to an empty parking lot and she can get a tutorial, followed by an ice-cream cone.  Tween daughters might prefer a concert or movie date with Dad.

Dads and their sons might enjoy the chance to try something a little dangerous.  Father-son archery lessons or an hour at an indoor rock-climbing wall can be fun for everyone (including daughters).  If Dad’s the handy type, get some lumber and hardware at a home-improvement center and start sketching out the design for a new treehouse or fort.  Dad and the boys can spend the day designing and building a new place to play.

Is Dad the Adventurous Sort?

Start a family tradition of going to an amusement park on Father’s Day.  Visit a new one each year, or return to the same park again and again if you’re the nostalgic type.  Make a plan to ride all the roller coasters at least once!

Need More Ideas?

One dad enjoyed adventures with his kids so much that he started his own blog, designed to encourage dads to spend time with their kids.  He shares his own experiences hiking, camping (even in winter), berry picking, rappelling, and skiing—and there’s even a place to share your own adventure!  If you and your dad enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, check out Adventure Dad for ideas, tips and information on useful gadgets for the outdoorsman.  Maybe you’ll get a great idea for a unique Father’s Day gift!  Don't shop without our Father's Day Gift Coupons--after all, Dad always said that money doesn't grow on trees.

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  1. Sofia

    Great ideas, a minor league baseball game is something I wouldn't have thought of. I would love to get my father the Porsche driving lessons, but I think he is a little too old now. haha

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