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6 Outstanding Dates for $10 or Less

Lisa Ann Jersey

Summer is here and it's time to plan those romantic, memorable dates with your sweetheart. What's this? You’re broke? Have no fear! I've got six great warm weather date ideas that will run you no more than $10 and will pack a punch like you've spent hundreds!

Picnic & Play in the Park

Approximate Cost: $5 - $10

Snag some inexpensive grub (like a $5 Footlong), grab your date and head to the nearest pond or park and picnic! If planned out properly, your picnic for two can be a great romantic outing that offers up plenty of opportunity for relaxed quality conversation. Hoping to spend as much time with your sweetie as possible? When you're done dining, simply stroll over and play in the park or take a few laps around the pond. After all, swings and slides are fun for kids of all ages.

Dance Class Romance

Approximate Cost: Free - $10

Sign up for a dance class and impress your date with your mad skills! Don't think you really have any moves to show off? No need to worry, your date will be impressed enough by your effort and vulnerability. Dancing together is a great way to bond and will give you a lasting memory whether you take one class or weekly classes for years to come. Check out or to find classes near you, most places will let you try a class or two for free and others charge a minimal drop-in fee of just a few dollars, if they charge more than that, shop around for a studio that's more flexible!

Tour a Factory

Approximate Cost: Free - $10

Factory tours are lots of fun, especially for a first date. Choose a factory to visit and spend the afternoon seeing how things like beer, candy, ice cream or whatever you enjoy are made. You’re sure to learn something new about the product and about each other. Not sure where to find a factory tour? Check out for ideas. Hey, you may even land some free samples!

People-at-a-festivalHave Fun at a Festival

Approximate Cost: Free - $10

Find a festival and explore together. Festivals are great places to try out new food, music, and vendors and what better way is there to create a memory with your date, than by trying something new together? Plus, entrance to most festivals is free or under $10 and that includes your entertainment and possibly even some free music and food samples. Search for upcoming festivals in your area at

Visit a Psychic

Approximate Cost: $8 - $10

Go and have a psychic, palm, or tarot card reading together. This is a fun way to learn more about your date as you’ll both inevitably have those, “Yeah, that sounds about right” or “No way is that true” moments as you listen to the predictions made about your past, present and future. Plus, you can turn it into a game and see who can predict something the psychic might say about each of you before you go, the winner could then pick a spot for the next date. There are plenty of places that will give you a discounted first time read or a reading  under $10, to find one near you visit

Couple-looking-at-starsStar Gaze

Approximate Cost: Free

Sure, it sounds a little corny but watching the stars or a meteor shower from a remote location is still whimsically romantic. While this date idea is probably best served for couples that have already been on a few dates before, as it works best with a quiet comfort among one another, it’s free, thoughtful and memorable all the same. Visit to view a current calendar of when the best meteor showers will occur this year.


Remember, dating is more about spending time together and less about where that time is spent. Make the most of any activity by being enthused, open minded and respectful. If you put your whole self and heart into the date, then you're sure to have a great time. Have a low or no cost date idea of your own? Feel free to share below!


  1. Kelly

    My boyfriend and I went to a car show/chili cook off this weekend! Can't beat a date for a total of $2! We were able to enjoy old hot rods and a bowl of chili for $1 each!

  2. Clayton

    I really like the factory tour idea. Even just for my own enjoyment. =]

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