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The Value of a Company Love Letter

The Value of a Company Love Letter
Alison Storm

I'm a firm believer that kindness and flattery tend to bring out the best in people. And I set out on an experiment to prove that it also brings out the best in companies. I wrote 50 sweet letters of gratitude to 50 companies whose products I use, admire and appreciate. I'm not talking about emails, comment forms or Facebook wall posts. I took the time to craft 50 letters and sign each one at the bottom. I folded them, stuffed them in an envelope and stuck on a stamp.

Over the next several weeks I received loads of mail in return. Some of the responses were heartfelt letters. One company named me "Customer of the Week" and said they would read my letter aloud at an employee barbecue. Others gave me free stuff. I wrote about this kindness experiment in the June issue of REDBOOK magazine. You'll have to pick up a copy to see exactly what kind of free stuff I scored, but I thought I'd offer up a few tips on how to write the perfect love letter to a company.

Be HonestREDBOOK June

I started my letters with a sentence like this: "I don’t normally take the time to show my appreciation, but I have been thoroughly impressed with your product and I think that deserves my recognition. I, like most people, can be quick to complain but slower to compliment." I wanted them to know that my letter was genuine. And I only wrote to companies whose products I buy, use and enjoy.

Include Specifics

Tell each company you write to exactly why you like them. What is it about their product that stands out and keeps you loyal? Without the specifics, your love letter will come across as mass-produced and insincere.

Don't Ask for Anything

I closed my brief letter by saying something like "Your company has become a trusted name in my home—one that we have come to equate with quality. I just wanted to take a moment to write to you and say keep up the great work." I didn't ask for a free sample or a gift card for being so sweet. I left that in their  hands.

You may or may not hear from the company once you send off your love letter. But when I mailed my 50 letters I felt good knowing I was putting something positive out in the world. At the very least I believed that my kind words would make someone's day a little better. And who knows-- your good deed just may get rewarded.

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  1. Laura

    I've done something like this before too. I sent a letter to a restaurant about how I enjoyed their good service every time I went and they ended up sending me a coupon for a free dinner.

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