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The Best Free Tools for Planning a Budget-Friendly Summer Trip

The Best Free Tools for Planning a Budget-Friendly Summer Trip
Alison Storm

Gas prices are more than a buck higher per gallon now than they were a year ago. That extra pinch at the pump has forced about roadtrip100,000 people to stay close to home for the kickoff to summer. That's how many fewer people than last year plan to drive further than 50 miles from home this Memorial Day weekend, according to AAA. But if you're not letting skyrocketing gas prices keep you home this summer you may want to check out these websites and apps to help you have a budget-friendly getaway.

Gas Buddy

A great free tool that will help you save big bucks is or the Gas Buddy App. Both resources will locate the cheapest gas in your area so you're not spending a penny more than you have to. The site even offers a Trip Cost Calculator which will help you create a fuel budget for your journey.

Urbanspoon App

When you're in a strange town finding a great (and affordable) restaurant can be difficult. You can easily blow your food budget by letting your hungry herd settle on what you stumble upon-- even if it's the priciest place in town. Instead, download the Urbanspoon app. You can find a list of nearby restaurants and filter them by price. That way you'll know what you can expect to pay before you step foot inside.

MetrO Appsubway

Once you make it to your destination, the MetrO App will help you rely on public transportation to get around. It guides you through the public transportation systems of more than 400 cities around the world. And let's face it-- if you understand the subway system you're more likely to use it. That will help you save money on gas, parking or cab fares.

Bidding Traveler

Lodging closely follows transportation as the largest travel expense. Websites like Priceline are great because they let you name your own price for your hotel. But it can be a little tough to know how much to bid. That's where comes in. Plug in your location and dates and Bidding Traveler will tell you how much to bid so you don't overspend for your hotel room.

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  1. Sarah

    This article really helped me with some questions I had. I have already started planning my mini summer-vacation and the trip calculator is a very helpful tool!

  2. Michelle

    There are a lot of apps out there now to help budget your way through vacations and weekend trips! The urbanspoon app is one I cant live without.

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