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Overslept? Look Good Anyway!

Overslept? Look Good Anyway!
Rachel Humphrey

It happens to everyone. You hit that snooze button one too many times, and before you know it, you barely have time to throw on the first clean clothes you come across and slurp down some yogurt before it's time to head out the door. The result? You looking less than your very best, and often as a result, you feeling less than your best as well. Here are some ways you can look good, feel great, and still get to where you're going on time. If you're an early riser who never has this problem, these tips will give you more time to do other things, like sing in the shower or stare into your coffee.

Prepare Yourself

To look great without tons of time and effort, you need to have a good foundation to work with. Make sure your skin looks as nice as possible by keeping up with a daily regimen of cleansing and moisturizing. Get regular haircuts, and ask your hairstylist for a cut that doesn't require tons of daily styling. Keep your nails looking nice. I order cuticle oil from Sally Beauty Supply, and I save money when I use coupons. Cuticle oil keeps my nails looking natural and healthy, and I don't have to spend tons of money on manicures. I just rub it on at night! My hands down favorite way to keep my face looking great with minimal makeup is keeping my eyebrows groomed. A well groomed eyebrow makes your whole face look brighter and cleaner. I invest in eyebrow waxes at a salon every two weeks, but you could save money by going to a brow specialist for the initial shaping, and then keeping it up yourself by tweezing. Devoting some time to keeping yourself well groomed will save you time in the morning!

Are We Hair Yet?

When I don't have time to wash and style my hair I do one of two things:

1) Ponytail - I brush my hair, then I spray my hands with hairspray and run them through my locks to get rid of flyaways. I put my hair in a ponytail, pull a few pieces out around my face for softness, and finish with a few more shots of hairspray to keep anything I don't want getting loose from escaping. If my bangs are looking a little greasy I use some...

2) Dry shampoo - Dry shampoo is an amazing product. If you haven't tried it yet, get yourself to a Sephora stat and invest in this miracle product. My favorite is Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo, which smells like fresh-cut lemon wedges. I take my flat, lifeless, less than lovely smelling hair, sprinkle  a little dry shampoo at the roots, brush through a few times, a voila! Instant body and a fresh smell! It's magic.

Speedy Skin

You don't have time for foundation, concealer, and powder, so use a product that does all three! There a a few products on the market that do this, but my favorite is Benefit's Hello Flawless. I do a few swipes with the sponge, and I'm done. It even conceals my dark under-eye circles!

High Velocity Lips, Cheeks, and Eyes

Adding a little color to your cheeks and lips instantly lifts your look, making you look younger and more awake. I really like Stila Convertible Color, which I also sometimes dab on my eyelids. If you prefer not to get makeup on your fingers, try a pencil like Avon's Professional Multi-Pencil , which works on eyes, lips, and cheeks and can be stashed in your work bag for quick and easy touch-ups. Another classic multitasking product is good old Vaseline. It makes your lips shinier, gives your eyelids a pretty sheen, and can be used in lieu of mascara to perk up eyelashes.

If I could only do one thing to my face before leaving the house, I would choose curling my eyelashes. Curling your lashes and putting on some mascara makes your eyes look more open and defined in less than a minute. It's much faster than doing all sorts of tricks with three different colors of eyeshadow. Invest in a good eyelash curler. I love the one from Shiseido. It's pricey, but worth it.

Top to Toe in Two Shakes

Lay out your clothes the night before. If you do this, your outfits will look much more put together because, well, you had time to put them together. If you want, get really ambitious and pick your outfits for the week on Sunday night. Hang items together, along with jewelry and other accessories. You'll save tons of time in the morning because getting dressed will be a no brainer, which is good because most of us don't have much of a brain in the morning.

So, are you ready to try some of my tips out and save some time in the morning? Which ones do you think are doable for you? Do you have any time saving tips you'd like to share?


  1. Marie

    Oooh! Cornstarch? Hadn't heard about that!

    Great article, too. I can always use a few extra minutes of sleep, haha!

  2. mm

    You're so right about the eyebrows. Mine need some help desperately right now...
    I find threading is way cheaper than waxing, if you're lucky to have a threader around. I can get my brows done for about $5 if I can motivate myself to go endure the pain.

    Another frugal tip: supposedly dry shampoo is just corn starch with fragrance. I haven't wet-washed my hair in at least a week now because I've been experimenting with the corn starch and it's been working great!

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