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It’s Your Honeymoon - Cut the Cost, Not the Romance

It’s Your Honeymoon - Cut the Cost, Not the Romance
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Honeymoon-RomanceIt seems like everyone is pinching pennies these days, and I can only imagine the extreme stress of planning a wedding and honeymoon in today’s market. In an effort to relieve some of the tension, I’ve found some stress busting solutions for all those Spring and Summer Brides out there, who are on the prowl to planning that perfect, unforgettable honeymoon to top off their perfect, unforgettable day. Yes ladies, you can cut the cost of your honeymoon without cutting the romance, and here’s how.

Step 1

Let go of any pre notions you have about where a honeymoon should be. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, romance is in the eye of the newlyweds. You’re in love, you only need the two of you to make your trip special and romance filled.

Step 2

Find a trusty discount travel website; I highly recommend Orbitz, they have deals on everything you’ll need like discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages and more. There is no need to get over charged and over talked into things from a travel agent, just because you’ve said the word “honeymoon.”

Step 3

Disneyland-ParkFeel out some possible destinations, including off-the-grid options. My absolute favorite is a Disney vacation; there is nothing more romantic than a trip to the biggest fairytale of them all! Another that I love is San Diego, it’s sunny, warm, there is miles of beach, and it’s just a hop, skip, and jump away from one crazy night together in Tijuana (might I also recommend the tasty drinks and greasy nachos at Hard Rock Tijuana, go on splurge, it’s not as if you have to worry about fitting in to the dress anymore!) Vancouver, Atlanta, Houston, and Phoenix are other unlikely honeymoon destinations I recommend; they will surely surprise you with their charm, character and romance.

Step 4

Do your research, preparation can save you loads. Play around with your dates, the more flexible you are, the more flexible the price will be. If you can wait to book until a sale pops up then try, there is always a sale right around the corner and if you’re lucky, it might include your destination and could potentially save you hundreds. Plus, you can always count on Ultimate Coupons to have that info for you! Also, it never hurts to check the price of a flight leaving from a nearby airport, my husband and I have driven the two hours from the airport in Reno, NV to the next nearest one in Sacramento, CA and sure, we spent some quality time in the car together first, but we saved over $800, even after parking!

Step 5

Vegas-coupleKnow yourselves and plan accordingly. Don’t waste money trying to live up to clichés. If you’re planning an exotic warm weather all sand and sun honeymoon and neither of you enjoy swimming or the beach, then you’re going to get zero bang for your buck. You can’t very well appreciate the expense if you’re both bored, tucked away in the air conditioned hotel room, can you? My husband and I did two mini honeymoons because he couldn’t take away much time from work and we couldn’t pick just one destination. We first went to Las Vegas, the weekend right after we were married and yes, we are Nevadans and we like to gamble, mostly we love the 24-hour lifestyle. We knew after the wedding we’d both want to unwind and be spoiled with a suite, room service, and spa treatments and then maybe gamble a little, so we did Las Vegas. Our second mini honeymoon was about a month later and we went on a 6-day cruise to Mexico, we knew we’d get our money’s worth from a cruise as we’d been on some before and there would be stuff we could both enjoy. If you both love golf, skiing, gambling, or whatever, then you should plan accordingly. Just remember, the honeymoon trip is about the two of you, not about where other people think you should go, especially if they’re not paying!


  1. Where there are newlyweds, there is love.
  2. Find the best deals on Orbitz and save $40 off vacation packages of 4+ nights with coupon code ORBITZVACATION.
  3. Go into the unknown, the world is at your finger tips. Off-the-grid destinations will make your trip all the more memorable.
  4. Be prepared and be flexible, also good practice for married life.
  5. Spending time together = #1 and enjoying what you’re doing with that time = #2.


  1. Betsy

    My husband and I went camping for our honeymoon! A lot of people would turn their noses up at that, but it was very inexpensive and totally us. We had an awesome time swimming in the river, drinking ice cold beer, and making s'mores!.

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