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Trading Your Old iPad In For a New iPad 2 - Infographic

Trading Your Old iPad In For a New iPad 2 - Infographic
Alison Storm

There's something fun about having the latest and greatest gadget. But it can also be an expensive habit. Millions of people rushed out to buy the original iPad when Apple released it to the public in early April 2010. But when the iPad 2 launched in March of 2011, owners of the original were faced with a tough dilemma-- do they fork over the hundreds of dollars needed for a new one or do they hold on to the first generation model?

Comedian Dan Nainan (wiki) knew right away he wanted to upgrade to the iPad 2. "Since I travel a tremendous amount and I'm always holding it and reading it, the lighter weight and thinner profile was extremely important to me. When you travel as much as I do, every little bit of weight savings helps." Nainan, a former senior engineer with Intel Corporation, has performed at the Democratic National Convention, three presidential inaugural events and even appeared in an Apple commercial last year.

If you're like Nainan (as seen on the right), here a few tips for trading in your old iPad for credit towards a new one:

1. List it On eBay:

This is how Nainan got rid of his old iPad and helped cover the costs of his new one. He sold his old iPad for $408 which was a couple of hundred dollars less than he originally paid for it. Nainan says to get top dollar for your original iPad on eBay it's important to offer free shipping and have the auction start at the price of $.01. He says there is extensive research that shows starting an auction at a penny actually increases your ultimate price. He also has a very good eBay user rating from nearly 600 transactions that is 100% positive. That helps potential iPad buyers know he is trustworthy.

2. Trade in your iPad to NextWorth:

NextWorth accepts first-generation iPad trade-ins both online and through more than 900 Target stores nationwide. Customers come straight in to the store, have their iPad evaluated and either receive credit towards a purchase or a prepaid Target gift card. If you go through you have the choice of cash or a gift card and UPS shipping is free.  Company officials say that from March 1 to March 18 the increase in Apple iPads being traded in tripled compared to the previous six months.

3. Use says they offer top dollar for all kinds of Mac gear, including the original iPad. Answer a few questions about your iPad, fill in your contact information and find out how much they site will offer you for your old gear. You don't have to worry about security-- they'll wipe your iPad clean of any sensitive information. Keep in mind you won't have to pay fees with like you may have to when you sell your product on eBay.

These are just a few ideas to help you subsidize the cost of your new iPad 2.  Also, if you are still on the fence about buying the iPad 2, check out the Ultimate Coupons Should You Buy an iPad 2? infographic below:

Don't worry about the iPad 3 coming out in a few months. According to, Apple won't release that version until next year.

Photo one credit Dan Nainan, Photo two iPad photo credit


  1. Lauren

    I was considering buying the new iPad and this iPad infographic is a cool way to see the comparisons side by side.

  2. Sammy

    I'll definitely be starting my bids at $0.01 now. It makes me a bit nervous but I have to test this out. Super good info here. Thanks!!

  3. Sara

    My friend just got the iPad 2 and she said it was totally worth selling the first generation iPad. Love these tips! I'm looking into purchasing the new iPad. Very helpful!!!

  4. Matt

    I am still happy with my iPad, but this article makes it tempting not to trade up for an iPad2. I will keep you posted if/when I make a new purchase.

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