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Trade In, Trade Up at Verizon Wireless

Trade In, Trade Up at Verizon Wireless
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Verizon-Wireless-Trade-In-ProgramGetting a new phone or electronic device can be exciting, frustrating, expensive, alleviating, even terrifying. There are so many emotions that come with change, even when it’s with something as silly as a new phone. Most of these emotions I can live with and handle rather quickly, however, I’m always left with a tad bit of guilt. Why? A new device means my old one must retire, and by retire, I mean get shoved off in a drawer somewhere never to be used or seen again. It’s always a little sad to say goodbye to a perfectly functional phone, especially when I think back on how much I spent on it, all that hard earned money just gone. That was of course until I found the exciting Trade In Program at Verizon Wireless! With the help of this easy program, you can appraise your device online and instantly elect to either exchange it for a Verizon gift card or donate it to charity! Sounds too good to be true, I know, I know. Just follow below to learn more as I trade in my old phone, you’ll see how simple and secure it really is.

Step 1:

Round up those old devices. Yes, devices, not just phones! Have an Apple iPad you’d like to trade? They’ll take it! They take devices from all carriers, I’m trading in my BlackBerry Curve 8520 and was formerly a T-Mobile customer. (I loved that phone, but I finally gave in and got an iPhone with AT&T.)

Step 2:

Appraise your device. All you need to know is the manufacturer, model and general condition. Choose from their drop downs and click continue. My device is in good condition and appraises at $20, nowhere near what I paid, but way more than I’d get if I just left it in a drawer for the next decade or two!

Step 3:

Choose where to send it. Ship it to Verizon and get a gift card, or donate it to HopeLine. I’m electing a gift card and will be sent a prepaid envelope to send my device back in.

Verizon-Wireless-Erase-DataStep 4:

Clear out all your personal data. I already did this when I transferred my data over to my new phone, but make sure you remove all your pictures, text messages and contact numbers. In order to receive your gift card, you must return the device within 30 days of your submission and of course, be the rightful owner of the device.

Step 5:

Fill out your shipping information. This will be the address used for you to receive both your prepaid envelope and the gift card. Verify your information and appraised value, and submit. You’ll receive your envelope within a week or so and then your gift card approximately 3 weeks after your device has been received and verified.

Step 6:

Spend your gift card. I may not be a Verizon Wireless customer, but they still sell a variety of accessories that I can use with my current phone. They have cases, chargers, headsets and much more that I can enjoy with my new phone on the tab of my old phone, it doesn’t get much better than that! Plus, if you are a Verizon customer, you can apply your gift card toward your bill. Oh, and be sure to use this cool coupon to score extra savings and really make the most of your gift card!

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  1. Video Entry Systems

    ok so me and my friend want to trade phones. is it possible to do the whole proccess online? or does it have to be through phone with the customer service. so basically, if it's possible to do it online, i need a DETAILED procedure on how to switch phones.

  2. Aimee

    Wow! This is a really cool program! Not only will I get some money back, but I can choose to give my phone back as a donation! Much better than it sitting in a drawer at home!

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