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Too Much of a Good Thing?

Too Much of a Good Thing?
Barb Szyszkiewicz

There's a new toy in town, and it's causing a bit of controversy among moms.

Most baby dolls come with a bottle; some of these toy bottles even have that fake white liquid inside, that moves when you tip the bottle to "feed" the doll.

This new doll doesn't come with a bottle at all; you see, it's designed to encourage breastfeeding.

Instead of a bottle, the doll is packaged with a halter top that straps on over a little girl's clothing.  This top features flowers over the nipple area; when the doll is brought close to these flowers, it makes a sucking sound.  After feeding, the doll must be burped or, like a real baby, it will cry.

Some parents say that this doll helps little girls learn to be good mommies.  Others, including moms who have nursed their babies, claim that the halter top is inappropriate.  My view?  Any little girl who has seen her mom (or family member or close friend) breastfeeding a baby will most likely imitate this on her own, without prompting by a specially-marketed doll.

Is this doll cool?  Or is it creepy?  Would you buy one for your child?


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