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Should I Buy A Tablet?

Should I Buy A Tablet?
Christine McKee

Apple-Store-ipad-2-Free-EngravingIn the past year, tablets have become widely available at electronics sites such as the Apple Store. But what exactly does a tablet offer over a typical smartphone or notebook computer? And is it worth spending the money on a tablet?

First, let’s take a look at the definition of a tablet. In the computer world, a tablet is a portable device that uses a touchscreen as an input model and offers functionality similar to that of a personal computer. It’s smaller than a midsized laptop but larger than a smartphone.

Now you might wonder why you would need such a device. The answer is this – for many individuals, a tablet is easier to transport and use on the go compared to a larger notebook, yet it offers enhanced capabilities over many smartphones. For instance, if you enjoy reading online blogs, such as this one, it’s typically easier on the eyes to read the text on a 10-inch screen versus a small 4-inch viewing area on even the bigger smartphones. A tablet can function as an eReader and many models (including select Apple iPad 2 tablets) even have 3G capability. This means you can download books on the go with a valid data plan. Such a feature is perfect for traveling business professionals or moms on the go who want to catch up on a little reading while waiting to pick up the kids from practice.

Velocity-Cruz-Tablet-PCBut how much does a tablet cost? There are a wide variety of price points in today’s market ranging from $200 for a Velocity Cruz model to over $800 for a decked out 64GB 3G iPad 2. The choice is up to you regarding how much space you anticipate using and whether you need 3G services.

The question of how the Apple iPad differs from competitors also crops up. Apple devices feature a proprietary operating system (OS), while many competitors use Google Android software. Games and programs for the Apple iPad 2 can also be purchased from the iTunes App Store. Many applications are free, but some graphic-intensive games for the new iPad 2 cost about $15.

The other option when picking out a new tablet is the amount of storage space. This choice often dictates how much the device costs. Since the Apple iPad doesn't have a memory card expansion slot, it’s important to pick out a model with an adequate amount of space so you aren’t left with a full device that can’t hold any more games, movies, or books. Apple offers a 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB version of the iPad 2 with either Wi-Fi or 3G capability. To consider how much space you’ll need, ask yourself whether you’ll use the tablet for gaming or watching movies.

Overall, a tablet can be a wonderful tool if you enjoy surfing the net or reading an eBook. Today’s tablets are slim and portable and can fit in many purses or backpacks. Tablets are also being used in a variety of professions, such as the medical field and retail sector.

Apple-Smart-Cover-ipad-2One way to purchase a new tablet is by ordering online. The Apple Store offers free engraving on the iPad so you can make a statement with a personalized message or simply put who it belongs to right on the back of the device. You can also find instant discounts on the first generation iPad at Apple. Although the original iPad features the same resolution display as the newer model, the newer iPad 2 is equipped with a faster processor and boasts a thinner and lighter design. The iPad 2 is also compatible with Apple’s latest case design dubbed the Smart Cover, which is an innovative way to protect your tablet. It attaches to the iPad 2 via two magnets and wakes up the device when you open the flap. With 10 colors to choose from, it isn’t too difficult to find one that fits your style. Another way to save money is by having the iPad 2 delivered right to your doorstep for free.

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  1. jocy

    I will like a tablet because its fun you can take picture and take it anywhere

    • happy

      you can do homwork and I love it

  2. Summer

    I would love a tablet!!!!!

  3. Felice

    Yeah, I'm with Kurt, totally agree. My husband has an IPad and he loves it. I steal it when he's at work, so I guess I love it too.

  4. Kurt

    I've been in a bind trying to figure out if I wanted a tablet PC or not. This certainly helped me decide on getting an IPad. Being able to do a little more than my smart phone and especially being able to read e-books at a size that wont kill my eyes, how could I not want one now.

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