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Register for Something Besides Place Settings

Register for Something Besides Place Settings

You might have already gone crazy with the price scanner gun zapping all the items you’d love to be gifted in celebration of your nuptials, but there are a few options beyond brick and mortar stores worth checking out. Unfortunately, there aren’t any awesome guns for faux laser tag involved. But that’s the only downside.

A honeymoon registry is a trend that’s gaining popularity. You and your fiancé want a dream vacation to rest and relax after the wedding, but you don’t want to come back broke. Registering for different aspects of your honeymoon is now a possibility thanks to a new crop of online honeymoon registries like,, and many others. They all operate roughly the same way, allowing you to register for anything from airfare to a snorkeling excursion. Ultimately, most of these sites just result in money being sent to you, but now you know that Aunt Mildred really wants you to spend her $100 on a massage while Uncle Bob thinks you should enjoy a nice bottle of champagne while you’re in Maui.

If you're hoping to go on more adventures beyond just your honeymoon in your first year of marriage, gives your guests the option to foot the bill. Choose events in your major US city like baseball games, concerts, couples massages or weekend getaways for guests to purchase. If your city or your favorite activity isn't an option on the existing list, you can easily add your own options.

Since ultimately cash is king, allows you to register for cold hard cash without specifically saying "just a check, please!" You select high ticket items (or low ticket, your choice) and guests contribute to your end goal in whatever dollar amount works for them. This is a great option if you're eying a $2000 couch but don't believe anyone is going to pick that up for you as a wedding gift.

If a full belly is more appealing than a full wallet, Foodie Registry is probably the way to go. Right now this service is only available in Chicago, New York, Denver and San Francisco, but this idea has some merit, so hopefully it spreads. Instead of registering for pots and pans to cook their own meals, couples can ask for gift certificates to fabulous restaurants in their city. A night out can be a great time, but it’s even more enjoyable when someone else picks up the tab.

When it comes down to it, the majority of these registries are just a thinly veiled request for cash instead of kitchen gadgets, but does it matter? If you’re engaged, do you have any qualms about using these sites, or are you on board? Even if you’re long since married, chances are you’ll be a wedding guest again. Would you purchase something off one of these experience-based registries or stick with a more traditional route?


  1. Kim Slater

    Really love this idea. We ended up using Our Honeymoon Registry which we highly recommend!

  2. Lisa

    Great information, I wish I had known about these sites before I got married, but I'll be sure to pass it long to my friends and sister!

  3. anne

    Cool sites! I found most people just gave cash anyway, regardless of where we registered. Fine by me!

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