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How To Find The Best Giveaways On The Web

How To Find The Best Giveaways On The Web
Alison Storm

At any given time there are thousands of giveaways happening on the web. And the only way you're going to get a shot at these fabulous prizes is to throw your name into the hat. And your odds are definitely better when you find the giveaways that may be lesser-known. Need help finding the best giveaways on the web? Here are resources to help you win some fabulous free prizes.

Don't waste your time searching for individual giveaways. Instead head to an online directory where you can easily search through dozens going on right now. Bloggers and businesses use sites like to get the word out about their contests. You can search by country, prize category, or ending date.

Every day can be lucky with The site features one business per day and gives away their products to a lucky winner. According to Giancarlo Massaro, founder of, your odds of winning are pretty good depending on the product. "We usually have between 150-300 entries, and some of the better giveaways get between 350-600 entries in a 24 hour period," he says. The most valuable prize has been a trip to St. Lucia.

Some of the best giveaways are happening on Twitter through Twitter parties. They typically include products from the company sponsoring the Twitter party including clothing, purses, shoes, food, and gift cards. Erin Boudreau, President of says all you need is a Twitter account and some time. You'll likely have to register for the Twitter party and during the event send out some tweets that include the predetermined hashtag for the event in order to have a shot at winning the prize.

If you "like" Find a Giveaway on Facebook you'll immediately discover a long list of active giveaways. You'll get access to a Google document full of giveaways. Plus the page administrators are regularly alerting fans of cool contests worth entering.

Look Through Giveaway Gatherings

Some bloggers promote other blogs' giveaways by doing a weekly link round-up of available giveaways. Bloggers are invited to promote their giveaways on these posts so you can get a quick look at what's currently being given out. A great way to stay on top of is Deal Seeking Mom's weekly Giveaway Gathering.

What is your favorite Giveaway site?


  1. Tiffany

    I love finding free deals online. Found some new sites I didn't know about in here. Great info!

  2. deidre

    I have a list of places to list your giveaway (all great places to find giveaways too!):

  3. Frank T

    There are many ways to enter giveways online and this article mentions a few of the better ones available. It always helps to keep updated on multiple websites and keep your eyes peeled. You're bound to win something sooner or later.

  4. Hunter

    I've never really searched to deep for give away, mostly because I thought they were all scrams but dang do some of these links seem to be legit. I signed up for a few already and it took literally seconds, I'm going to test my luck and see how it goes.

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