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6 Ways to Slyly Introduce Color To Your Man’s Wardrobe

6 Ways to Slyly Introduce Color To Your Man’s Wardrobe
Lisa Ann Jersey

American-Eagle-ColorNo, my man doesn’t wear color (excluding Notre Dame Green, a good 80-90% of his wardrobe) and yes, it bugs me. While I do most of his shopping, I’ve come to learn over our 11 years together that if I bring home anything other than the basics, it conveniently and mysteriously disappears, never to be seen or worn again. However, I was recently skimming through American Eagle’s online Men’s Summer Catalog, admiring all the bright colors, and decided I needed to try again to get him to spice up his wardrobe and perhaps change my direct, in his face method this time. So here you go gals, I’ve done all the work and found 6 sly ways to sneak some color into your man’s closet!

#1 Start Small

AE-Signature-Applique-TDon’t overwhelm him with something too bold, like a solid colored pink tee. Gently bring him around with a colored graphic print tee that meshes color with a classic, so he’s not as likely to notice and more likely to actually wear it. I chose the grey AE Signature Applique T with red print. Remember, take baby steps or you might push him away from the idea altogether!

#2 If It’s Under, It Still Counts

Convince him to spice up what he wears underneath, sure only the two of you may notice, but it may build his confidence and down the road, open up his color palette. I picked out the aqua colored AE Striped Low Rise Trunks for my guy, I figured the stripes might be a tad more subtle for him than the solid colored ones, though I’ll probably introduce those next time.

# 3 Go Under The Sea

AE-Tie-Dye-Stripe-Board-ShortMost men don’t consider their swim attire to be a true part or reflection of their overall style, so you may be more likely to get him into some brightly colored board shorts or swim trunks if they just show up in his drawer. If the beach is involved, not only does my husband hastily get ready, he has no care in the world as to what he looks like, hence how I was able to get him in some multi-colored swim trunks like AE’s Tie-Dye Stripe Board Shorts.

#4 On Your Feet

AEO-Eagle-Flip-FlopYes, you guessed it! Sneak some color into his closet by splashing it on his feet! Again, most men don’t obsess over what goes on their feet like us ladies do, so here is another easy spot to brighten up his look. I love the AEO Eagle Flip-Flops, if anything, my guy will only notice the cool eagle design and won’t think twice about any of the four colors they come in. I’m totally nabbing these in both the Sunbright Yellow and the Painter Blue!

#5 Accessorize

AEO-Digital-WatchEven my macho man wears jewelry from time to time, jewelry that I buy him of course (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) so why not pick something less bland and more vibrant like the AEO Turquoise Thread Necklace. Better yet, spruce him up with a new brightly colored belt or watch! The AEO Digital Watch in navy would be a great way to splash some color on him every day.

#6 Get Carried Away

AEO-Wanderer-Nylon-BackpackIf all else has failed and your guy simply isn't buying into 007 ways, try adding color to something he has to carry. A backpack, phone case, or duffel bag is easy to find with prints, patterns and colors and will at least prominently pop against his all neutral blandness, maybe it will even be enough to help him see just how badly he needs an accent color tossed in the mix. Try the AEO Wanderer Nylon Backpack, it comes in six different colors including a bright orange, yellow and blue.

Good luck, let me know how it goes and while you too are checking out the bright beautifulness of the Spring and Summer catalog at American Eagle, be sure to use this great coupon for free shipping offer, good for all orders over $100!


  1. Rachel

    Funny enough, my man is the one who wears most of the color in our relationship! He wishes I would stop wearing black and start wearing more fun colors. Great article!

  2. Barb

    There's nothing wrong with Notre Dame green--or blue and gold! Go Irish! Bet you could find plenty of items in those 3 colors at AE.

  3. Jeff G

    My girlfriend has tried to sneak her way into my wardrobe. Coming across this article I've noticed she has used a few of these tricks to add some light to my attire. One thing she did was work on my fondness for sports. A few sports teams I root for sport bright colors and she has begun to buy me sports apparel with dominant bright colors, such as Laker purple and gold.

  4. Lisa

    Nice write-up! I'll have to start sneaking in some more color into my husband's wardrobe soon and see how this works out.

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