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6 Fabulous Fitness Accessories From Finish Line

6 Fabulous Fitness Accessories From Finish Line
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Finish-Line-FitnessSummer is almost here and with it comes clothes that bare our often depressing, winter indulgences. Yes, it’s time to pull out those swimsuits, shorts, and tanks, and face the music! However, there is still a month or so left before we’ll have to shed those winter layers, so why not tone up what we can in these few short weeks, so the unveiling isn’t too painful. I’ve found 6 fantastic fitness accessories from Finish Line that will boost your performance and help you push through these next several exercise cramming weeks. Plus, I’ve made sure to keep each item under $60, so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank to get back in shape! Oh, and for those of you who worked hard all year long, (the very same people I’m disgustingly jealous of) these accessories will definitely help keep you trim and motivated till it’s time to show off those beach ready bods!

Finish-LinePower-Balance-Wristband#1 The Power Balance Silicone Wristband

This little guy faces a lot of controversy as to its actual effectiveness, but with big celebs like Lamar Odom, Derrick Rose, Drew Brees, and many others sporting them, it’s hard not to fall for the magic. It claims to promote balance, strength, and flexibility through these unique holograms embedded with frequencies that react with your body’s natural energy. I’ll tell you one thing for certain; I have one and love it. Everyone could use a little more balance and flexibility plus, the band itself is extremely comfortable, so I say even if it just helps because you think it’s suppose to, it’s still a win! Snag one for just $29.95 at Finish Line.

Finish-LinePhiten-Titanium-Star-Necklace#2 Phiten Titanium Star Necklaces

Following a similar concept as the wristbands above, this ultra soft Aqua-Titanium coated necklace helps alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation. It can be worn around the neck or doubled and worn around the wrist or ankle to better target specific areas. The special Aqua-Titanium technology is embedded into the fabric of the necklace which is how it is delivers and emits energy that effectively controls your bio-electric current, making you feel better and more comfortable as you work out. Hey, if we’re comfortable doing something, then we’re more likely to keep it up, so grab a necklace and give it a go, they are available at Finish Line for $24.99.

Finish-LinePhiten-S-Pro-Titanium-Bracelet#3 Phiten S-Pro Titanium Bracelets

Alright, this one’s very similar to the necklace above, but I think it may be slightly better and more practical for long term use. Why? It’s moisture proof and no one wants to be any more sticky and sweaty during a workout, than they have to be. Plus, this bracelet has a more sporty style as it assists athletes with enhanced circulation and relaxation. The technology is slightly different too; the inside of this bracelet is embedded with actual concentrated Micro Titanium Spheres and it’s less expensive. Pick one up for just $19.99 at Finish Line.

Finish-Line-Nike-SportBand#4 Nike+ SportBand

The Nike+ SportBand is the ultimate fitness accessory! This crazy cool gadget not only tracks the calories you burn, your distance, pace and time, but it also gets you training advice and access to the Nike+ community. You can even challenge your friends and save over 30 hours worth of workout data. If this guy can’t get you motivated, then I don’t know what will! I’m super jazzed about this one and can’t wait to get one for myself; it’s like having a mini fitness coach right on your wrist! Get yours for $59 at Finish Line.

Finish-Line-New-Balance-N1-Watch#5 New Balance N1 Heart Rate Monitor

By now you’ve probably noticed these accessories are progressively getting better and better, and I’m certain this one won’t let you down. This super intelligent multi-functioning watch is also a heart rate monitor, a critical device for ensuring a healthy and constructive workout. It provides continuous heart rate readings, is an ECG accurate heart rate monitor, and is even water resistant. Most of us wear a watch when we work out anyway, so why not wear a watch that has an eye out for you, by monitoring your heart? This watch is an absolute must-have! Get it for $50 at Finish Line.

Finish-Line-Skechers-Shape-Ups-Toning-Sandal#6 Skechers Shape Ups Velcro Slingback Toning Shoe Sandal Sale! $49.98

Yes, the last fitness accessory that you simply must try is the infamous Skechers Shape Ups Velcro Slingback Toning Shoe Sandal! I’m sure by now you’ve heard all the rage and reviews on these puppies, but let me tell you again, they’re awesome. Strap them on, go about your daily business, and tone, tone, tone, those muscles. It’s so easy and actually kind of fun, they really add some pep to your step! Plus, when you order them from Finish Line, you’ll find them currently on sale for just $49.98.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get up and get going, but not too fast, I’ve got some coupons for you to use!

Coupon code RG2010 will save you an extra $10 off orders of $60 or more, coupon code WARRIOR slashes $15 off orders of $90 or more and code GIVE20100 saves $20 off all orders over $100.


  1. Michala S.

    New Balance N1 Heart Rate Monitor is a great idea. I should already have one of these; will pick one up before my run tonight.

  2. Hunter

    Exercising can sure be a drag sometimes, but in the end I believe its rewarding. These products will sure help push you through this drag, and even make it a little more entertaining too. In my opinion the one that looks the most interesting is the Nike+ Sport Band, might just have to pick it up for myself!

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