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3 Easy Kids’ Birthday Party Themes Anyone Can Pull Off

3 Easy Kids’ Birthday Party Themes Anyone Can Pull Off
Rachel Humphrey

Planning a birthday party for your beloved little one can be fun, but it can also be a source of stress. You wonder what kind of theme to have, where to get supplies, and how to come through the whole experience with some cash still left in your wallet. Don’t sweat it! Check out party supply websites (such as Celebrate Express), and you can have everything you need delivered right to your door, often at deep discounts thanks to their party supply coupons. Here are three easy theme parties that anyone, no matter how busy, can put together easily. All these themes are unisex and not too childish, so you can recycle some of the decorations for other parties.

American Idol

Rent a karaoke machine, mine your kids' dress up clothes for idol-worthy stuff, and let the kiddos get decked out and pretend they’re competing on this popular reality TV show. Kids can volunteer to be judges, but make sure they don’t go all Simon on anyone. We don’t want any tears! For party snacks, think stuff kids can grab and munch between songs. Try pigs in a blanket, veggies with dip, and mini sandwiches. For the cake, make (or order) cupcakes with star shaped sprinkles on top for all the little stars at the party. Give away inflatable microphones and star shaped candies as favors. You can go with your own color scheme and lots of streamers and tinsel, or you can find American Idol party supplies to make your theme really pop.


Turn your home into an island paradise with products like the super fun bowling set pictured at right. Encourage guests to wear Hawaiian shirts, mumus, and grass skirts(try to have some things on hand for kids who show up underdressed!). Play some Polynesian tunes and have kids play limbo and pin the tail on the dolphin. Assemble skewers of pineapple and hot dogs, grill, and serve with a zesty dipping sauce for an easy, kid-pleasing snack. You can do the same thing with shrimp, peppers, and other veggies. Get an adult volunteer to man a smoothie bar with different flavors of sorbet and frozen tropical fruit like bananas, papaya, and mango. Serve a cake topped with toasted coconut and palm tree shaped candles along with cut up fruit for sweet finish. Leis and tropical flavored candy make fun party favors.


Giddy up! It’s time for a mini hoedown at your house! So crank the country music and dress everyone in plaid shirts and cowboy boots. Decorate with colorful balloons and western themed plates and napkins, and if you're outside, throw around some straw or hay.Then just add a bunch of rowdy kids, and you’re almost there! Serve cornbread or biscuits, cole slaw, and chicken fingers with BBQ sauce. Have kids render their favorite farm animal in macaroni, glitter, and felt on a paper plate. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could give a little line dancing lesson (Electric Slide anyone?). End the party with a watermelon seed spitting contest and a cake of your kid’s choice decorated with cowboys and cacti. Send guests home with farm animals toys and root beer flavored candies, and they'll never forget who throws the best party in the Wild West.

So, experienced parents out there! What’s your favorite easy party theme? We want to hear all about it, from the decorations, to activities, to the yummy snacks and desserts.


  1. Lvantil

    The watermelon seed spitting is definitely going to make it on my 8 year old's birthday party agenda!

  2. Sam

    Animal themes are a great idea, too, for kids of all ages!

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