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Make the Most of a $25 Home Depot Gift Card, Without Dipping Into Your Wallet

Make the Most of a $25 Home Depot Gift Card, Without Dipping Into Your Wallet
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Home-Depot-Gift-Cards-BlogHave you ever found yourself grateful for a gift card, but restricted by the amount? It seems like some places, Home Depot in particular, don’t get you very far with $25 or less. You don’t want to waste that card on useless stuff, but you certainly don’t want to have to dip into your own pocket either. Lucky for you, I’ve done all the leg work and found several exciting ways for you to put that gift card to use, without having to shell out any extra cash!

Know Your Gift Card

Do have the eGift Card or a plastic Home Depot Gift Card? The good news about Home Depot, is that regardless which style card you were given, both cards can be used online or in stores, and neither apply fees or expire. I recommend that before you begin to shop, you check your balance either online or with a cashier at any store. Who knows, you may have more on the card than you think! Also, be sure to keep your gift card until after you receive your online purchases, this way if there are any problems, or an item is unavailable, you’ll have the original card for reference.

Hope-Depot-BudgetShopping On Budget

As promised, I’m going to help you spend that gift card without spending extra and the easiest way to start is by shopping online. No, I’m not just saying that because I’m an online shop-a-holic. I’m saying it, because it’s a simple way to stay focused on your budget without having the temptation to grab all those last minute goodies, which are by the way, strategically placed to entice you while you wait in line. Plus, you actually have to look at your shopping cart online, making you more likely to consider each item instead of just pushing it up to the cashier and letting them sort it out. Next, consider the time of year, if you’re shopping now, it may be a good time to get a jump on some of those Spring chores. Get ahead on your lawn care by spending that gift card on items like:

  • EcoSmart 64 oz. Ready-to-Use Organic Weed and Grass Killer $9.99
  • Roundup Sure Shot Foam 22 oz. Ready-to-Use Weed Killer $5.77
  • Preen Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer 5 Lb. $14.97
  • Apex 5/8 in. x 75 ft. Medium-Duty Garden Hose $22.97
  • Hound Dog Garden Cultivator $22.97

Bare-Ground-Handheld-Spreader-BlogShopping in Fall or Winter? Here are a few seasonal items that will help you from letting that gift card go to waste when lawn care isn’t in season:

  • ZeroIce 40 lb. Ice and Snow Melter Tub $24.96
  • Bare Ground Handheld Spreader $19.95
  • True Temper Klondike 16 in. Poly Combo Steel Shovel $8.97
  • Natco Stratford Garden Gate Black 9 in. x 26 in. Olefin Stair Tread $12.97
  • Char-Broil Charcoal Cart-Style Grill Cover $19.97

GE-25-Watt-Stained-Glass-Light-BulbPerhaps your gift card spending block is occurring because you’re not really a DIY kind of person, well, have no fear! I found several non-DIY items that will still fit in your budget:

  • Carved LED Scented Candle with Timer Feature $14.99
  • Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper in White, 3 pack $18.94
  • Best Plastics 3 Drawer Storage System $19.47
  • Martha Stewart Living Seneca 5-Piece Framed Mirror Set $14.96
  • GE 25 Watt Stained Glass Light Bulb $4.97

Home-Accents-Holiday-Light-Set-BlogBeware Of The Home Stretch – Checkout

While you may have successfully chosen an item or two that lands in your $25 limit, the hard part is still come. Yes, I’m talking about checkout. The totals are in and your gift card will cover your balance, but oh, no! What’s this? You still have some change left? Don’t panic! I promised I see you through to the end. My advice now? Let it go. So what if you have $0.12 left on the card, grabbing even an item that’s a $1 is going to leave you having to fork over an additional $0.88. Sure, it seems minimal, but our goal was to get in and get out without dipping into your pocket. Scratching that $0.12 isn’t costing you anything; I may even be saving you the $0.88 or more! I know, I know, letting go is hard, but if you do this with all the gift cards you’re given each year, the savings will really add up. However, I too know what a struggle it can be letting go of even just a few pennies in these hard economic times, I found a few items that might get you closer, to letting go of less.

  • Economy 1 in. Chip Brush $0.97
  • Foampro Paint Can Pour Spout $0.99
  • The Hillman Group 8 in. x 12 in. Plastic Garage Sale Sign $0.97
  • Home Accents Holiday 25 Light C9 Light Set, Clear $0.01
  • Martha Stewart Living Pinecone Christmas Ornaments (8-Pack) $0.01


  1. Ophelia P.

    I buy lots of gardening supplies from The Home Depot, so a $25 gift card would certainly help! I love planting my own fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It's the only way to go!

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