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Home Depot Brings Home The Heat

Home Depot Brings Home The Heat
Lisa Ann Jersey

Home-Depot-Keeping-WarmAre you sick and tired of the cold yet? I sure am, and while my limbs and tootsies can’t bask in the sun for another month or so, that doesn’t mean they can’t soak in some extra heat. I’ve decided to take warming maters into my own hands and bring home some heat, with the help of my trusty friends at Home Depot, of course. Check out the six awesomely snug heating solutions I found below, that will keep you toasty, without breaking your bank!

Home-Depot-Lasko-MyHeat-Personal-Heater1.  The Lasko MyHeat Personal Heater

This simple little bugger is a save-smart ceramic spot heater that uses only 200 watts. I’m always a little hesitant to bring home such small personal heaters, for fear they’re on the chintzy side and therefore, might start a fire, but this little guy has its own built-in safety features. It’s built with a safe ceramic element that has overheat protection, as well as v-0 safety plastic and cool touch housing. It saves the bank by rolling in at just $16.97.

2.   The Stanley Ceramic Utility Heater

Don’t be fooled by its petite size, this ceramic utility heater is built to last. I love the nifty easy-grip handle, it makes it much easier to tote around from room to room, which in turn means I’m more likely to tote it around. It also has three heat settings, high heat, low heat and fan only. Even with all of these convenient attributes, this guy rings in at just $28.97.

Home-Depot-Vornado-Personal-Vortex-Heater3. The Vornado Personal Vortex Heater

I’m love, love, loving this little guy. It features Vornado’s unique signature Vortex Action which disburses heat evenly throughout the room. It has 2 heat settings; high which outputs 750 watts, and low which outputs 375 watts. Wondering how such a powerful machine can be safe? It has a cool touch case and a tipover switch that immediately cuts the heat and fan off, if the heater somehow tips or gets knocked over. Remember how I said I love it, well that’s largely in part to its astoundingly low price! The Vornado Personal Vortex Heater totals out at just $29.84.

4. The Pelonis Digital Fan Heater

Alright, I’m not sure if this is one of those universal couple problems, or if I’m just lucky enough to face it alone, but my husband and I constantly argue about the room temperature. He repeatedly barks at me that I’m crazy and that the temperature isn’t anywhere near freezing, while I fussily insist that he’s wrong and that we need to turn up the heat. Needless to say, if we invest in a Pelonis Digital Fan Heater, I think not only will I have a chance to warm up, but we may settle our disagreements once and for all. This fantastic unit features a LED digital display showing the current room temperature which can even be set when using the thermostat. Well, it’s definitely cheaper than couple’s counseling, especially at just $29.99!

5. The Crane Compact Design Ceramic Heater

This sleek super heater, is a step up for those of us who faithfully follow and live by the “bigger is better” rule of thumb. It has two heat settings, high with 1200 watts and low with 600 and can project heat throughout a 250 square foot area. Have no fear, just because it packs a bigger punch, doesn’t mean it skimps on safety. This bad boy features brushed Aluminum housing and overheat protection. While I do believe in the “bigger is better” concept, I find it exempt, null and void if you will, when in reference to price tags and so, I am proud to report that this beast checks out at just $36.96.

Home-Depot-Sunbeam-Low-Profile-Digital-Heater6. The Sunbeam Low Profile Digital Heater

Last but not least, I introduce you to the Sunbeam Low Profile Digital Heater. This silent convection heater features Eco-Smart Technology, which means it saves you space and energy. Some of my favorite details about this heater include its nonslip base, thermostat capability, and 1 year Manufacturer Warranty. It’s a little bulkier than the heaters above, but it’s as equally effective at saving you money. Try one out for just $44.98.

There are so many portable heaters to choose from at Home Depot, I hope I’ve helped narrow it down so you can bring home some heat and begin to thaw out those toes. Remember, there are two other easily remedied ways to make your home more heat efficient:

1. Avoid dirt and neglect, the leading causes of heating inefficiency and failure and

2. Use a programmable thermostat, proper use of pre-programmed settings can save you about $180 a year in energy costs.


  1. The Lasko MyHeat Personal Heater $16.97
  2. The Stanley Ceramic Utility Heater $28.97
  3. The Vornado Personal Vortex Heater $29.84
  4. The Pelonis Digital Fan Heater $29.99
  5. The Crane Compact Design Ceramic Heater $36.96
  6. The Sunbeam Low Profile Digital Heater $44.98

Which heater do you prefer?


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