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Can You Stand It?

Can You Stand It?
Barb Szyszkiewicz

What's the new fad in offices (including home offices)?  From what I've been reading, it's desks without chairs.

I'm not sure I could get away with that kind of thing, since I work in my living room.  This setup looks a little, well, utilitarian for a room that's otherwise filled with overstuffed furniture.   In my situation, I'd prefer to have a desk chair that blends in more with my living room décor.  If my kitchen were bigger, that's where I'd consider putting a desk like this.  I could keep it on one side of the room, with my cooking area on the other.  No more running from room to room to check on that list of ingredients for tonight's dinner recipe!

Switching to a standing desk is said to help improve your posture and your health.  You burn more calories standing than sitting--and standing desks are much less likely to have drawers.  Surely I'm not the only person who has a stash of chocolate in my desk drawer!

Then there's the money-saving angle.  If you have a standing desk, there's no need to invest in a good chair.

If you're going to throw away the chair, though, I suggest making sure you wear supportive shoes.  Having worked for a few years as a teacher (definitely a stand-up job), I know what it's like to be on my feet all day.


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