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What's Green About Monday?

What's Green About Monday?
Barb Szyszkiewicz

Believe it or not, Cyber Monday isn't necessarily the biggest online shopping day of the year.  That honor goes to "Green Monday," according to ecommerce expert Volusion. christmas-stocking-shoe

Oddly enough, "Green Monday" doesn't necessarily fall on a Monday.  In fact, Volusion predicts that this year, "Green Monday" will take place on Tuesday, December 8.

"Green Monday," apparently, is the day when people panic.  It's fish or cut bait time.  You know you've only got this many days before the holidays really begin--and it's time to stop browsing and start shopping.  It's time to get things done.

In my house, I think that day is going to be Monday.  My kids have the day off from school on Tuesday, and there's no sense in doing any "secret" online shopping with them around.  So I'll have to check my list twice and figure out what still needs to be done.

I'm guessing that for my husband, though, "Green Monday" is going to arrive a lot closer to Christmas.  He usually asks me what I've been wishing for around the 20th of December.

Good thing I don't want a Zhu Zhu Pet this year!


Volusion's Much Anticipated 2009 Holiday Shopping Prediction


Our Cyber Monday Coupon page has deals that will last until Green  Monday--whatever day it happens to fall on!

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