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Cyber Monday Laptop Deals

Cyber Monday Laptop Deals
Barb Szyszkiewicz

by Robin Fiedler

What's the deal on Cyber Monday? Netbooks, laptops, computers, or anything electronic. And this is not just for Cyber Monday or Nov. through Dec. holiday shopping, but for total online sales. Add up consumer spending on electronics and computers and more than half of the purchases are made online.

Trends indicate that online shoppers are buying more and more of their computer hardware, software, and electronic needs online. According to a US Census Bureau's report, in 2007, 32.5 billion, or 54.5% of total retail sales for the two categories of computer hardware/software and consumer electronics were made online. In the same report, the percent projected for 2008 was 59%, or 36.7 billion online sales for computer and electronics categories together.  It's interesting to note that the Census Bureau projects the online sales of computers/electronics to increase to 67 billion by 2012. laptops

In an Oct. 2009 holiday poll by Consumer Reports, "the top items that adults are planning to give this year are clothing (52 percent) and electronics (51 percent). In the electronics category, video games or accessories topped the lists followed by game systems and MP3 players or iPods."

On Cyber Monday, we flood computer and electronics online retailers' websites. comScore calculated that on Cyber Monday 2008, Best Buy sites had a 131% increase in website visitors from its daily average, Apple, Inc. website had a 43% jump, Dell 53%, and Hewlett Packard 94%. All four were in the "Top 20 Most Visited Retailer Sites on Cyber Monday" in 2008, reports comScore.

Computer Deals - Trends for 2009

The hot item in 2009 may very well be the netbook: a smaller, lighter, and much cheaper version of a notebook. Lance Whitney of CNET reports, "Netbooks are projected to grab a 20 percent share of the worldwide market for 2009 . . . . Consumers are expected to scoop up almost 33 million Netbooks this year, marking a sales gain of close to 100 percent from last year's 16 million." Prices run from $150 to $700, but some of the lower prices require a wireless contract.

In contrast, desktop PC sales are declining. Erica Ogg of CNET explains, "The culprit in this case is the fading out of the desktop computer. Shipments of desktops are expected to decline 18.1 percent this year, as notebook PCs become ever more popular. Notebooks are on track to grow almost 12 percent this year, for the first time outpacing desktop shipments for a whole year." The trend for personal computing is mobility; we are on the move.

Add favorite online retailers to your Facebook and Twitter accounts for up-to-the-second holiday deals. The National Retail Federation says, "More than half of retailers said they have added or improved their Facebook page (60.3%) and Twitter pages (58.7%) this year, while two-thirds (65.6%) have added or enhanced blogs and RSS feeds." This is the new trend for advertising, and many sites offer shoppers personally-customized email alerts.

A popular holiday gift we like to buy for ourselves is a new laptop, i.e. notebook or netbook. This year, the new netbook will be useful to monitor those Tweets, RSS feeds, and emails on laptop deals. After the deals have been offered up, it'll be interesting to see if we have the willpower not to buy a laptop for the kids as well.


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