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A Touch of Glass

A Touch of Glass
  • On March 25, 2008

Star Wars Burger King GlassesI was cleaning out one of our cupboards last night, wait, that's night right. I have no clue why I said "cupboard." It's a cabinet. In the kitchen. A cupboard's something Ol' Mother Hubbard had, right? Anyways, I was digging around in there and came across something that brought back a huge flood (as opposed to a small flood?) of memories: A Captain America glass. This one I actually bought probably about 5 years ago at an antique store, but it's from the early '80s I gather and you totally know the type of glass I"m talking about. Super thin quality, with a cheesy picture of characters "painted" on and wrapped around the whole glass.

I never had any of these superhero ones as a kid, though I think they were some giveaway at 7-11. But I most definitely remember going to Burger King as a kid in the late '70s/early '80s right when the original Star Wars movies were actually in theaters. This was back when collectibles weren't the merchandising juggernaut they are today. So when you could go get a Whopper and an extra large Coke with a Star Wars Collector's Glass (for just 99 cents extra!), yeah, your world just suddenly got way brighter. We used to go like every week to make sure we got all the really cool ones (like the Boba Fett and Han Solo one from "Empire Strikes Back"!). And of course my sister and I both wanted one, so our cabinets were full of dozens of different themed glasses. I loved it!

Until... news reports started all this talk about red dye in these glasses being dangerous. I don't honestly recall exactly what the issue was, but I'm sure it was related to lead paint somehow. While the reports kept going back and forth (Yes they're dangerous, no they're not), my mom wouldn't take any chances and thus... threw out every single one. Sigh. A sad day in Mudville indeed.

So when I spotted these glasses at an antique store up in New Hampshire a few year's back, I got all giddy and knew I had to have one. I would've grabbed a Star Wars one, except then I saw the Captain America one, which I never had, and just, well couldn't resist. Anyone else getting a memory rush from some horribly painted glasses?


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  1. Glass Shelving

    Be careful you don't drop them, the're worth alot of money!

  2. Andrew

    @Melanie - Hey there. I totally remember those jelly jars too. We weren't big into jelly though, so I never had any of them. But my friends all did. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Melanie

    I am a sucker for "old" stuff! I love antique shops and totally see these glasses there. I remember them in the fast food restaurants as you all say. Do you remember the Jelly Jars that had Tom and Jerry, Flintstones, etc... on them. My mom would keep them, clean them out (of course), and used them for juice glasses. They were cute. I still have one or two hiding in my cabinets. I love items that bring back memories. I have old/vintage glass bottle drinks on top of my cabinets displayed. I also have two small shelves in the kitchen displaying tiny glass drink bottles and also a Shoney's Glass I acquired at an Antique store. I love my kitchen!

    Thanks for sharing! Good memories!

  4. Andrew

    @Tish - Hah! I totally remember those!!! Yeah, those are horrific aren't they? Even a geek like myself didn't pick those up. Heh.

    @Mrs. Marcos - Oooooh, I remember those Peanuts ones too!!! We never had a Pizza Hut around here back in the 70s, so I never even saw the Looney Tunes one. Awesome that you have a display for them, AND that you have a party room! Geez. I'm coming over for a visit!

    @Laarni - That's definitely something interesting. I've heard of people collecting cans, but they usually open them, or poke a small hole in the bottom to drain out the liquid. Definitely do not drink 'em now!!!

  5. Laarni

    precious collections. guess what, my sister bought this pepsi cans with prints of his favorite band in Taiwan and she did not drink the pepsi. lol. they are still here above the fridge and of course, they expired already. :p

  6. I love those glasses. I would like to aquire the entire set of Peanuts glasses (McDonalds). I have a pretty good collection of Looney Tunes glasses from Pizza Hut (late 70's I think). They are on display in our party room.

  7. Tish

    Probably the worst glasses in my collection are those LOTR glasses that came out after the release of the first movie. I think they came from Burger King, but I could be wrong. The bottom of the glass lights up and makes the whole glass glow red! hehe.

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