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Sweet Sweeps

  • On January 30, 2008

Sure there are plenty of Valentine's Day Coupons and Deals each year, but here are a few neat V-Day contests.

Trisha of Mom Dotand Jenn of Mommy Needs Coffeeeach gave away boxes of personalized Fruit Roll-Ups snacks. These are actually really neat, as you can put any message you want on them, pick the colors, etc. Perfect gifts for Valentine's Day, especially if you have kids. And the neat thing about each of these ladies' contests is in order to enter, you just need to write (either in a comment, on your own blog or via e-mail) about the sweetest valentine you have ever sent or received.

While not nearly as sweet (but way more expensive), Teleflora held a Diamonds and Roses Sweepstakes in which contestants got the chance to win a pair of $50,00 diamond earrings or one of 1,000 diamond necklaces.

Carnival Cruises ran a Read My Valentine Contest where you could share your greatest love story for a chance to win a 4 Day Caribbean Cruise.

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