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Zippo has been manufacturing functional yet attractive lighters for over 75 years. Today Zippo lighters are still going strong with just over 400 million units sold. Zippo has been responsible for some of the most innovative lighter designs in history.

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Tested on Fuel Canister

3 months ago (10.15.2014) by CM

Tested on Classic lighter

6 months ago (7.16.2014) by CM

Verified on Five Finger Death Punch

8 months ago (5.26.2014) by CM


18 months ago (7.30.2013)

Tested on Classic Lighter

19 months ago (7.04.2013) by Chris

I am at check out and it is not working

19 months ago (6.30.2013) by Bruce

Tested on 10 Lighter Collection Display

20 months ago (5.17.2013) by Chris

Tested on Emergency Fire Starter.

23 months ago (3.12.2013) by Jasmin

Tested on lighter fluid.

23 months ago (2.15.2013) by Jasmin


Tested on Casual.

5 months ago (8.19.2014) by Susan S.

Tested on Casual.

9 months ago (4.22.2014) by Susan S.

Tested on: Casual style

9 months ago (4.15.2014)

Tested on Casual watch

10 months ago (4.02.2014) by CM

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