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I wonder how diamonds became the symbolic gem of matrimony? Perhaps it has something to do with that old adage that diamonds are forever. They certainly last longer than most marriages these days. Many traditions have changed over the years, but when it’s time to seal the deal, you can’t go wrong with an engagement ring from Zales. The Zales tradition began in 1924, when three Texas businessmen came together with the vision of providing quality merchandise at the best possible prices. They launched a revolutionary credit plan offering customers the ability to purchase with “a penny down and a dollar a week.” Zales carries a large variety of other jewelry and gemstones, too. Now a major international corporation with over 750 stores, Zales is still committed to friendly customer service and offering quality and style at affordable prices. Because after all, no girl can ever have too many diamonds.

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Coupons for Zales
Coupons for Zales

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