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Anonymous 9 months ago (9/27/2014)

Verified on homepage

Jasmine 13 months ago (5/20/2014)

Worked on Americana™ Collection Old Glory Crackle Glass Jar Candles order of $100+.

Anonymous 16 months ago (2/21/2014)

Verified on Luau Party Large Jar Candle

Anonymous 20 months ago (10/23/2013)

JC tested on Sugar Plum Village Tea Light Candle Holder

Anonymous 23 months ago (7/24/2013)

JC tested on Sun & Sand® Large Jar Candle

Anonymous 25 months ago (6/04/2013)

JC tested on Man Town Large Jar Candle

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Anonymous 8 months ago (10/08/2014)

Verified on Bunny Cake Medium Jar Candles

Anonymous 11 months ago (7/09/2014)

Verified on Apple Small Jar Candle

Anonymous 14 months ago (4/09/2014)

Verified on Everyday Ceramic Leaf and Berry Electric Wax Melts Warme w/LED

ibchristine 47 months ago (7/30/2011)

7/30/2011 10:57AM Tested on Balsam & Cedar car gel.

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Many teens have probably been in the same predicament as Mike Kittredge was in 1969. He didn’t have cash to by his beloved mom a Christmas present, so he handmade a candle by melting crayons. In an act of serendipity, a neighbor saw his creation and asked to purchase it - and Yankee Candles was born. Now, the iconic brand sells delightfully scented candles, wax melts, sprays and home décor. The Yankee Candle flagship store, where kids can dip their own candles and adults can take in the fragrant aroma, is located in Massachusetts. Yankee Candle products can also be purchased online, in one of their 500 retail stores, or in many boutiques throughout the nation.