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When birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and holidays come around, overjoyed shutterbugs take to their cameras. In the moment, they think little about what they'll do with the images they've captured. And fortunately, if they know anything about Wink Flash, they don't have to. Wink Flash is a shutterbug's dream! It's the place where photo-lovers go to make photo books of their baby's first birthday, to create photo card invitations, and to get their favorite photo of dad printed on beautiful canvas. In other words, the shutterbug provides the stunning photos, Wink Flash provides the stuff that allows said photobug to show her pictures off. Aside from offering shutterbugs a platform for their pictures, Wink Flash has the technology to support Instagram and to print pictures from Facebook. And Wink Flash allows for the creation of numerous types of photos from standard 4-inch by 6-inch photos to giclee prints. In short, Wink Flash is all about helping shutterbugs everywhere have a platform for sharing their memories with their loved ones, whether that platform is a beautifully designed scrapbook page or a personalized calendar for grandma's wall.