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Anonymous 19 months ago (1/01/2014)

Tested on: Riedel 'O' Pinot Noir/Burgundy Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 2)

Anonymous 27 months ago (5/03/2013)

Tested on: WhisperKOOL Platinum 4000 Wine Cellar Split Cooling System (Max Room Size = 1000 iblori

Anonymous 29 months ago (3/08/2013)

Tested on: Riedel Flirt Decanter iblori

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In vino veritas, they say, which translates to “In wine, there is truth.” And the truth is, that at Wine Enthusiast Companies, they believe in catering to all of your wine-loving needs. Founded in 1979 by newlyweds Adam and Sybil Strum, these two wine-lovers indulged their passion by creating a small catalog company offering accoutrements for the wine enthusiasts’ lifestyle. 35 years later, the company is run by their daughters, and has flourished, becoming a worldwide destination for all things wine-related. As founders of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, has become a multi-channel marketer, offering exclusive products on its website including custom cellars, a variety of cooling and storage solutions, glassware, accessories and gifts for wine lovers. They even carry housewares, décor and wine barrel furnishings. If you appreciate the vino in all its varieties, then you will love the Wine Enthusiast website, full of products to indulge and fuel your passion.