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No doubt about it. Biofeedback does wonders for your health. But how many people can afford getting hooked up to a biofeedback machine on a regular basis just to make sure they're breathing right? Fortunately, Wild Divine makes biofeedback technology available for everyday use. And you don't even need fancy equipment to run it -- just download the software onto your Mac or PC, plug the IomPE hardware into your computer's USB port and enjoy the benefits of biofeedback. The IomPE comes equipped with a clip for your ear to measure your heart rate, skin temperature and other variables. The device sends these signals to your computer, where you can interpret the biofeedback messages and adjust your meditations accordingly. Try out the Wild Divine Starter Kit for a gentle entry into the art of biofeedback and meditation. Or choose the IomGold Bundle. The IomGold Bundle comes with five different programs to teach you different aspects of meditation and mindfulness. It's a complete sampling of different traditions so that you can find the one that's just right for you. Biofeedback has never been so easy or so affordable.