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RLM 11 months ago (12/21/2014)

Got 3.99 shipping on order >$50 (mine was $51.39) today

Anonymous 11 months ago (12/05/2014)

I used this one today.

Dawn 19 months ago (5/04/2014)

this is still working

Val 21 months ago (2/09/2014)

Still working for the flat fee rate, not free shipping.

Anonymous 23 months ago (1/02/2014)

It doesn't work~!

Anonymous 23 months ago (12/11/2013)

Thanks for the JINGLE code. It works on any size order!

Anonymous 23 months ago (12/10/2013)

FYI This coupon was NOT for free shipping. I was for a flat rate fee of 3.95.

Enter Your Name 23 months ago (12/09/2013)

This Code is JINGLE and it took 20% off my total, plus 4.99 shipping!! Yeah! I saved 20 bucks!

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