1. Sign up for Email Alerts
Pop over to the Wet Seal website and sign up for email alerts to receive a code for 20% off your next order. You’ll also receive emails with sales notifications and information on the latest trends.

2. Get Free Shipping
Load up on a new wardrobe and get free shipping on order over $50, everyday. The Wet Seal website also frequently features free shipping without a minimum purchase.

3. Purchase a Fashion Insider Card
Purchasing a Fashion Insider card for $20 enrolls you in Wet Seal’s excusive savings program for one year. You will receive 20% off your next purchase and 10% all additional purchases.

2. Shop Sales
Wet Seal announces sale prices on select items on their website as well as Facebook and Twitter. Look out for deals such as $5 skirts, $10 maxi skirts and an additional 40% off clearance prices. The best discounts, such as 40% off the entire site, are often offered on “Trendy Tuesdays,” but shop fast because those offers last just one day.