Typical Discounts

Subscribe to Email Alerts

Head to Western Union’s homepage and scroll to the bottom. Here, you can sign up for email alerts. Occasionally, Western Union will send you money-saving offers that help you get your cash to where it needs to be, while keeping a little extra in your pocket.

My WU Rewards

Join My WU to get the most out of every transaction with Western Union. You will earn points with every transfer, which you can later redeem for rewards, like service fee reductions, phone cards and cash back. It will also make each transaction quicker.

Sales & Coupons

WesternUnion.com will often run percentage or dollar-off promotions. Look to your left, right here on the Ultimate Coupons' Western Union page, to see what coupons they are currently offering.

Take advantage of special pricing for certain transaction fees. Online transfers within the United States start at just $1. Direct-to-bank transactions in India are free.

Creative Deal Hunting

‘Like’ Western Union

Connect with Western Union on Facebook to keep up-to-date on all the good they are doing around the world, through their Western Union Foundation charity. Occasionally, they will host contests on their page, like their Face of Western Union contest, where charismatic fans have the chance to become their new spokesperson.

How Experts Save Even More

Know Where to Go

They have many physical locations, but handling your transactions online may be your best bet. Online transaction fees within the United States start at $1, and some coupons and sales are only available online.

Best Time to Save

Western Union wants to make sure your holidays are happy, so they release their best promotional offers during this time. Search for them in their newsletter, on their website and right here on Ultimate Coupons.