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Company founder, Pearl West, came from a musical family that made it through the Depression by playing music. During the war years music provided a source of strength to the West family. It’s a source of strength that the West family would like to extend to you. But if you find yourself caught up in the not-so-positive beliefs about music and music education, playing music might feel like a guilty pleasure instead of a source of strength. It isn’t a guilty pleasure. It’s a vital skill for human development. Studies show that students who play music score over 40 points higher on both their SAT scores. But it’s not just students who benefit from the study of music. Everyone does. West Music provides some valuable services in addition to music lessons. West Music Therapy services was founded to help people embrace the cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits of music. And all of this is just an outcropping of the original strength that the Wests got from playing music. And when you take lessons from West Music or buy an instrument or participate in one of its many music advocacy programs, you’re tapping into the legacy of strength discovered by the West family all those years ago.