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Wendell August has existed since 1923 and is the largest and oldest metal forge in America. It produces finely decorated, handcrafted metalware and other ornamental gift items wrought from aluminum and other types of metals. The first products created by Wendell August included candlesticks, doorknockers, grilles for doors and windows, and railings. Over the years, Wendell August has added pieces like Christmas ornaments, vases, collector’s plates, trays, bowls, jewelry, and other items. These items allow for personalization, making them ideal for occasions like birthdays, Christmas and other gift-giving occasions. Wendell August counts as the place to find heritage art pieces and custom designs like the “Millionaires’ Flight,” a piece which honors the Hindenburg. In total, the company keeps over a thousand gift items, ranging from $10.00 to $1,000.00. And finally, for the hands-on art crowd, Wendell August offers workshop tours. Art tourists like you will enjoy getting a look at the history and heritage that has gone into creating Wendell August products for the last 92 years.