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Expired. Why does Ultimate Coupons show expired coupons?


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Anonymous 34 months ago (8/14/2013)

10% discount code did not work (c2158). said it had expired. not listed in your list of ex. codes????

Anonymous 46 months ago (9/04/2012)

Code C2158 worked successfully on 9-4-12

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Short of raising your own salmon or grass-fed beef, Vital Choice is the best way to make sure that your food is pure and free of extra hormones and other extra additives. Vital Choice’s line features seafood species that are found to be low in mercury. Sablefish. Sardines. Salmon. Shellfish like prawns and crab. The company only buys from certified sustainable fisheries or ones that experts agree are sustainable. For home cooks like you, serving Vital Choice foods like salmon burger, lox and smoked fish, or even the company’s sausage or bacon, means your meals are always wholesome. Always fresh. Always healthy to eat. Always free of extra hormones. And Vital Choice even gives you cooking and storage tips to make the most of these delicious foods. You care about your food. You don’t want to clog it up with stuff that doesn’t grow in it organically. Vital Choice ensures that you don’t.