Types of Deals

Deals by Department

When shopping on VerizonWireless.com, be on the lookout for price reductions (instant rebates or free phones) on select devices. Plus, you'll find many discounts and free shipping offers on smartphones. If you create a bundle, you'll save up to 30% on many accessories. If you're looking for an even deeper discount, check out the selection of Certified Pre-Owned items. Each item goes through a complete 100 point inspection and is reconditioned so they're in like new condition.

Free Shipping

VerizonWireless.com often has free two-day shipping offers. However, always make sure that the specific device you're ordering qualifies.

Referral Rewards Program

When you refer friends and family to Verizon, you'll both be rewarded with a $25 Visa card.

Two-Year Agreement

By signing a two-year commitment for new Verizon wireless service, you'll be able to save a ton on qualifying phones, including many of the latest smartphones. You'll also be able to snag most of these phone for under $200. Some phones may actually be free. If you want to compare the contract price versus the non contract price, check out the product page for each phone to see the savings.

Save With Prepaid

If you only use your phone or tablet on occasion, you may save with a prepaid plan. With this plan, there is no credit check and you will only pay for the minutes as you use them, instead of paying for hundreds or thousands of minutes each month that you'll never use.

Creative Deal Hunting

Military Discounts

If you are an active duty or a retired member of the military, Verizon will give you a discount for additional savings on your wireless account. To take advantage of the discount you need a pay stub, a Veteran's ID or DD Form 214.

Corporate Discounts

Verizon Wireless offers huge discounts to the employees of many different companies. If you qualify, you'll receive a percentage off of certain charges on your monthly wireless bill. To see if you qualify, just fill out the Employee Discount Form found on VerizionWireless.com. As soon as Verizon determines that your employer participates in the program, you can submit employment verification to start receiving your discount.

How Experts Save Even More

Choose the Right Plan

Choosing the right plan can save you a ton of money on your wireless bill. It is best to analyze your bill for a period of up to a year before committing to a contract. This will keep you from not having services that you don't use and prevent you from paying overage charges. If you're looking for a family plan, the Verizon Share Everything Plan (which supports up to 10 phone lines) may help prevent you from paying overages charges. With this plan, each phone will share minutes, text messages and data.