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BethC 15 months ago (4/21/2014)

verified at Vans on 4/21

BethC 18 months ago (1/20/2014)

verified at Vans on 1/20

BethC 28 months ago (3/20/2013)

Stickers not provided on website.

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BethC 22 months ago (9/17/2013)

tested on Marian Woven Tops

BethC 24 months ago (7/26/2013)

tested on old skool ii backpacks

BethC 25 months ago (6/17/2013)

tested on foil paint splats era

BethC 26 months ago (5/20/2013)

tested on crushed large fashion bags

BethC 27 months ago (4/18/2013)

tested on maddie bags

BethC 31 months ago (1/01/2013)

tested on anthony van engelen shorts

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