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Utsav Fashion is a global retailer which allows customers to order traditional Indian ethnic fashion with worldwide delivery. Shop here for the widest selection of styles and trends, with everything from wedding sarees and lehengas to more modern Indio-Western fashions. Founded in 2000 as a wholesale outlet in Jaipur, India, Utsav Fashion took its inventory online in 2003 to bring the best of Indian ethnic fashion from the subcontinent to India-lovers around the world. By sourcing from the remotest corners of the country, the site's buyers are able to offer the largest selection of regional specialties and handmade products from native artisans and craftsmen. Choose from over 50,000 products, with more than 300 new items added daily, and receive a free fashion accessory with every purchase. Shop here for the best in apparel for every occasion for men, women and children, as well as Indian-inspired bedding and blankets.