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ULTA Beauty must have read our minds. For years, we wished for a one-stop place where we could have our hair and nails done, get beauty and skin consultations, and purchase all the top fragrances, cosmetics and hair care products. ULTA Beauty answered that wish by opening their first salon/shop in 1990. ULTA Beauty is where you go when you have to get your roots touched up - fast! - need to find a sexy new scent and replenish your makeup supplies, and don't want to run all over town to do it. With over 740 locations in over 47 states, chances are there is an ULTA conveniently located near you. And with over 20,000 prestige and mass-market products in-store, you are sure to find whatever you need there. If you don't have an ULTA Beauty near you, don't worry. You can shop the same great brands at Ulta.com.